Friday, January 4, 2013

Busy Once More.

It's been a long while since I spent hours and hours doing nothing but writing, and it's actually kind of nice getting back into that....routine or habit. I am now at the point where I can begin writing my political drama after all of the pre-writing that I was doing today. I actually wanted to get on to something else, but that didn't end up happening. You see, before I began writing my political drama I needed to assemble my cast of characters which included a U.S. President and his cabinet, the leadership of all parties in the House and the Senate, and I also created my very own new political party. That of course came with creating philosophy and so forth and so on, and I also mapped out where all of the U.S. Senators came from. I thought about doing the same for the House, but 430 individuals to place seemed a little too intense for as little as I would be using them for a short story. I even got the idea nailed down, so if I play my cards correctly I should have a pretty compelling yet interesting story. I felt like watching something new today, so I finally popped in Earthsea so I could find out how the two part series compared to the books. Truth be told, I think the books are better than the first part so far, and I don't even know if I could stomach watching the second part of the series. How horribly adapted, how terribly brought to film, and how miserably acted and written it was. It was just plain wasteful of time, money, effort....but at least the source material wasn't near and dear to me so that's a plus if there could be found one. I do not recommend this series for anyone, nor do I recommend the books still; boring, confusing, and too short is some of what comes to mind when I recall the pages of Ursula le Guin's so called beloved fantasy masterpiece. Anyways. Hopefully I'll pen a huge chunk of that political drama tomorrow. Have a pleasant weekend everyone.

Earthsea Trailer

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