Monday, January 28, 2013

A "Not" For Beginners.

I'm just going to start out with this. Within the past ten minutes I just finished watching the film Beginners. Wow was that one extremely boring, and highly disjointed film. Here I thought it was about an elderly man (Christopher Plummer) who finally embraces being gay in his old age and then as he lives out his repressed dreams he begins to die, and his son is trying to rectify all of this. It turns out that the film is entirely about the son (Ewan McGregor) and how he struggles with romantic relationships, and even personal relationships after his father dies. Christopher Plummer did a fantastic job, although  I wish that there would have been more of him in the film. He deserved the Oscar that he received for his role, but honestly from the film overall I was expecting so much more, and it was just plain boring. I also couldn't figure out most of what was happening in the film as the timeline kept getting switched back and forth, and there would be these odd monologues with a bunch of pictures and what not....and, it just didn't appeal to me at all. So I'm definitely giving this film a "Poor Ability," because yes fellow readers and film goers it was that bad, and that miserably boring; I don't know how many times I was tempted to shut if off and put something more interesting and entertaining on. Anyways, my advice is simple; don't waste your time watching this film. You know the oddest thing is happening right now outside; a thunderstorm in the middle of winter in Illinois. This is complete with torrential rain, thunder, lighting, and lots of wind. Now I may be recently new to the U.S. Midwest, but I think this kind of weather is more suited for San Diego for this time of year. Very weird. I finally concluded my review of all of the film scores nominated for this 2013 Academy Awards. Alexandre Desplat's score for Argo I reviewed today, and it sucked, and I'm being bluntly forward. I don't know why the man received a nomination for this score, because it was just bad. But whatever; Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore got ignored for God knows why, but it's their mistake to make. For the Oscars I hope Dario Marianelli wins for Anna Karenina, although I think Thomas Newman will get it for Skyfall. The rest of the week looks like it should be a promising adventure, so stay tuned to see what happens next!....Or not.

Beginners trailer

"Cleared Iranian Airspace"
Alexandre Desplat

Darth Maul vs. Pre Vizsla (Clone Wars latest episode, great fight scene)

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