Thursday, January 10, 2013

27 Years Ago.....

About twenty-seven years ago at 11pm another human being joined the fight for life. In a nutshell, it's my birthday today, or rather in the next eight minutes (when I am currently writing this). I celebrated with cheesecake, tacos, coke, family, and The Big Bang Theory. I don't feel any older per se, but I did experience a moment when I thought, "whoa, I can't believe that I am 27 today," but other than that there was no difference. So yeah, happy birthday to me. I actually just did a little bit of searching, and the only really famous person born today was Grigori Rasputin; yes he was the villainous adviser to Tsar Nicholas II who was castrated and dragged through the streets by horses or something like that. Nice little birthday anecdote. In other news. The Academy of Motions Pictures and Sciences (or something like that) released the Oscar nominations today. The film Lincoln leads with 12 nominations, Life of Pi with 11, Les Miserables and Silver Lining Playbook each received 8, Argo received 7, and Zero Dark Thirty, Amour, Skyfall, and Django Unchained each received 5 nominations. Those were the lead films, although there are others scattered here and there in different categories. I was actually surprised to see that The Hobbit only acquire two nominations, one of which was not a Best Original Score for Howard Shore's work which shocked me. Ironically, Skyfall, which I gave a scathing review for Thomas Newman's work, received a nomination. God know's why. The people who nominate for that category clearly haven't a clue what well constructed film scores should sound like. Oh well. I was also shocked that Prometheus didn't get a nomination for Best Cinematography, which it clearly should have. Daniel Day Lewis should get the Oscar for Best Actor for his work in Lincoln, but I'm not so certain about John Williams work for the music. Who knows. Last year, my predictions were mostly off and so were the ones that I wanted to win unfortunately. Moving on. Got some writing done today, which was awesome; my political drama is moving along quite well, and I think I can see my writing continuing to improve the more I continue to write and challenge myself. Well I am going to finish the night off with more of Dexter season 6 and then get some shut-eye. Ciao!

ABC News Oscar Preview

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