Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bad News Keeps Getting Bad.

First and foremost, the worst news has been about the deaths and destruction that the hurricane storm on the eastern coast of the United States. Millions of people without electricity, $80 billion worth in damage, and who knows what other kind of problems this is going to bring about. God be with all of those people and I hope that things get better before they get worse. Now, the next bad news. About a week and a half before my sister's rehearsal dinner for her wedding the restaurant closed down. So as soon as Gabe, my sister's fiancee, found out the two of them were busy working away trying to find another place to have the dinner at. There have been multiple hitches with their wedding, but the two of them have weathered them strongly so this will be no different. We are all hoping though that this will be the last bad thing to happen. The final piece of bad news was that George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, founder of I.L.M., Skywalker Sound, and Lucasfilm Inc sold all of that to....Walt Disney Inc. Kathleen Kennedy will run the company and answer directly, from what I understand, to the CEO of Disney as George Lucas will be retiring and leaving the mega film industry. When my future brother in-law told me this I didn't believe him, so I went and checked myself and found it all to be true. Not only is all of that true, but apparently Disney will helm three new Star Wars films (7,8,9) which writers are now working on with assistance from the master. There are so many things I could say, but I will begin by saying Star Wars is George Lucas' property and creation and he may do with it as he pleases, and yes it is all only a work of fiction and nothing to get angry, bitter, or stupid over. However, on the other hand mostly everything Disney touches with its poisonous grip turns to crap, so it concerns me greatly. The future of Star Wars could be getting brighter or dimmer; we shall see how it goes. The other part of the day I was hanging with my nephew playing PC games on the internet and watching Battleship, which was just as I remember it for the reasons I remember. I realize all of that I mentioned above might seem trivial opposed to people being killed and slaughtered in Syria in the midst of a civil war, but there it is and May God help those people get rid of that murdering dictator.

George Lucas Passing on the Torch

The Making of Battleship

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sheers, Coffee, & Cookies Oh My!

So bright and early this morning (at least for me) my sister, her friend Amanda (who happens to be an amazing seamstress) and myself went to where my sister would be getting married at 12 days from now or something like that. It was a great looking place with a rustic kind of style to it. The place is going to work great for them, and it's right on the water, which I guess isn't that spectacular in the beginning of winter. So we were there for a while; I was snapping pictures and video while my sister, her friend, and fiancee were talking to the person who was going to assist with the decorating for their ceremony. This took up a great deal of time, so anyone who thinks small wedding are easy to plan and organize when you're a full time working mom is an idiot. Perhaps that isn't politically correct, but it is true. Later on in the evening I attempted to make some more molasses cookies and they turned out spectacularly this time around! Soft and tender just like they should be. It was about 30 degrees F. this morning and I about froze my arse off. I had forgotten how cold it gets out here in winter, and then in the summer I'm going to remember how hot and humid it gets; life sucks. Oh well. The adjustment is getting easier for me, but I still miss San Diego a lot and it is a major bummer that my relocation had to be Illinois, but I still have my eyes on Utah, so we shall see where that goes. I think I may do some writing tonight after blogging, who knows. Having people around all day all of the time throws off my bachelor, singular lifestyle, but in a good way.  By the way, it is 1 week until November 5th, so I hope that everyone is planning their festivities accordingly. Well there it is. Have a good night.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Balloons and Luminaries.

So today my sister and I made candle luminaries for her wedding. This activity included melted wax and filling balloons with water and somehow trying to shape the wax so that it would hold the same shape as the water filled balloon. It actually is more difficult than it sounds, although I only filled the balloons with water my sister did the shaping with the wax. I watched the next episodes of The Clone Wars which was the stunning conclusion to the Onderon story arc. The real king was restored, the Separatists left the planet, and then there was also an amazing twist at the end of the whole saga. I wasn't expecting it, but it really turned out well. Since we're on the topic of Star Wars I found my sister's copy of the six films on Blu-ray. I skipped through several of the films and discovered that the film that looked the best on the new format was The Phantom Menace. It looked really great, the digital Yoda was cool, and the overall look of the picture was quite sharp. I'm quite distracted watching Modern Family while I write this so I apologize if it comes across as a little disjointed. Apparently my life isn't as exciting as it used to be; I need to work on that, although in the state of Illinois not much happens.

The Clone Wars "Tipping Points"

Star Wars Blu-ray Trailer

2 Days Later!

After two days of producing and making my documentary for my trip back from San Diego to Illinois it is completed finally and on YouTube, which hopefully it will remain without any difficulties. It is essentially 30 minutes long, so it is truly a credible documentary. There are a few dark spots when my face is hard to see, but that's because it was very early in the morning so I think that is alright. I hope everyone enjoys it, and all of the labor that went into creating it, but especially what it took to get through that entire trip. It was very hard and long, but the memories will always be pleasant to reflect on...most of them at least.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Car Has Returned!

It may have taken half of the day to get it, but I once again have control of my vehicle again, and finished driving the rest of the way to my destination. It is such a relief to know that all of that is dealt with at last. I would like to thank my future brother in-law, Gabriel, for taking a large chunk of time out of his day and driving me the 4 hours there, and the 4 hours back that it took him to return. He is a champ, and an awesome brother. In the words and ways of the Klingon people, I owe him a debt of honor. The drive back to my sister's was actually quite nice, although it was very cold. I stopped and got gas and the wind was blowing something fierce, and it was ice cold! I'm not being a wimp here, it really was quite blustery cold like. I had forgotten how much bite the wind can have in the Midwest during winter. My car is fixed and drives so much better; the difference was amazing. The people at Magnum Automotive in Newton, Iowa did a remarkable, well done job. So if you're passing that direction then I would highly recommend them and then their services. That was essentially my day. Not very exciting I know, but it truly does feel...or rather I feel complete now that I have my car and finished the 2000 plus mile trek that I began on October 15th. What an adventure. And to think that my life will be filled with many more such "adventures."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cloning it Up.

I am becoming such a slacker when it comes to writing, but at the same time its not like I'm doing nothing either. I've been spending a lot of time with my nephew who is a lot of fun, and he's a pretty smart and good kid as well. I did some baking today and finished organizing and putting away the last of my stuff which was one of those final relieving moments if that makes any sense. My sister and her husband to be are getting me hooked on Modern Family. I have to admit that it is quite hilarious, and it seems like the writers took a lot of anecdotes from my own family's experiences to write the show. You know what I realized the other day; I have no idea what is going in the world, or the nation for that matter. I am so used to having the Wall Street Journal every day that no without it I feel kind of blind. I'm still trying to figure out a new routine at my residence, but it's very slow going. Tomorrow my future brother in-law and I are going to go pick up my car and bring it back, and this time God willing it will finish the journey with me. So today I carried on the tradition and got season 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and I began watching some of the episodes and decided that it truly was as good as I remembered it being. My goodness, I still cannot believe that many years have passed since the first season of that show came out. Time flies at an amazing pace. I really need to get on the ball with my writing, but since I'll have my car back I'm going to really need to get on the ball with finding some paying work. Best of luck to all of you in the world looking for paying work (and there sure are a lot of us); hopefully all of us find some really soon.

Iron Man 3 Trailer (looks pretty sweet!)

Clone Wars  Season 4 Trailer

Monday, October 22, 2012

My First Calzone!

So today I had an exciting culinary adventure; my future brother in-law brought home some pizza calzones which are pizzas folded on themselves for those of you who don't know. I actually enjoyed them immensely, and I might actually try making them in the future sometime. For the most part the day was quite lovely, despite it being rainy, cold along with thunder and lightning which I love of course, it's just a shame I couldn't have been enjoying it in San Diego. I am slowly getting over the fact that I live in northern Illinois once again without any of my friends or connections that I had back in California. Life must go on I suppose. I can't remember if I've mentioned that I'm looking into graduate schools in the Chicago area for MSW programs or not, but I am and that will remain my number 1 goal while I am in this state. After that then I will try to settle down and try once more to begin my own separate life away from my family living elsewhere than the Midwest. I did finally get some writing done today I wrote The Sword and the Shield: Merging Perspectives. I essentially only have three or two stories left before I arrive at the grand conclusion of it all, which is going to be amazing...at least in my perspective. Well the final U.S. Presidential debate was held tonight and it, like its predecessors, was very informative about a multiplicity of issue concerning foreign policy. I personally did not like some of President Obama's answers regarding Iran or the Syrian civil war concerning how his administration has handled those two particular issues. There were also some things Mr. Romney stated that I didn't agree with concerning the grounds for military intervention and the use of drone strikes (which President Obama is also in favor of). The debate certainly gave Americans and pundits much to think about with the election almost two weeks away. Who knows what I'm going to be up to a couple months from now; life certainly promises to be an adventure every time. Maybe I'll get a great new, full time job, perhaps I'll find something to fill the gap of time until I can get into grad school. I guess I will just have to wait and see. In the meanwhile, stay cool, and remember to pay attention to what's going on in your country's political system. The wrong (heavily prevalent) kind of politicians love stupid, and uninformed people.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 Happy Toll People!

That may seem like a rather odd title, but when you are driving/traveling around Chicago it is a very realistic reality where there are tolls every which way in order to get on a road. The past several days have kept me busy doing small things here and there. My mother came up to visit my sister and nephew and so it was nice to see her again. She stayed for half of the weekend before going home. The weather has cool and cloudy like mostly, but even when the sun is shining that crisp, cool fall air remains which is one of the many things about the fall season that I love so much. Not only do the trees look awesome, but there's that hint in the air that Christmas is just around the corner, and if you visit many malls or stores you will find many of them have their Christmas merchandise out already. My sister, nephew and I perused around a suburb of Chicago called Schaumburg. We spent most of our time at a mall getting stuff for her wedding coming up in November, and although it turned out to be a rather long evening, it was a lot of fun being with my nephew and my sister. I actually miss working with kids; maybe not my old job per se, but that age group was just a whole lot of fun to be with and work with. We shall see what my future career holds in that regard. Right now I am free to choose any path I desire with the sky being the limit. I've been thinking of looking into living in Utah after I get my MSW (masters in social work); beautiful country, within reasonable driving distance of California, and.....well other reasons as well. I watched the latest Clone Wars episode "The Soft War" which continues the Onderon story arc. It's certainly interesting I have to give them that, and as a whole story arc I think it will work well. Season 4 of The Clone Wars is released this Tuesday (22nd) in stores, so it will be nice to relive some of the excellent arcs from that season. I feel like there is so much more that I should be writing about, but alas my brain cannot recall anything else as of this moment. Oh well. This should hopefully be a very exciting and busy week, so stay tuned for the.....amazing stories!

The Clone Wars "The Soft War" Preview

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's Give Them Hell!

So I found myself getting plenty of sleep during all of the correct hours after several days of an unusual sleeping schedule, which was fantastic relief at last. I set up my living space with all of my stuff in my sister's basement and it looks pretty sweet actually, so we shall see how things progress. As nice as it is, I don't want to be in my sister's basement forever and neither does she I am certain. My car is reasonably fixable according to the guy I spoke to at the repair shop which was a great relief for me. After all, I don't know how I would have been able to manage without a car if I had gotten a job. It's been cold and rainy since I got here, which is the kind of fall weather I love; now if it only remained that way and didn't snow and get bitterly cold I would be incredibly happy. However that is not going to happen. I was sitting down on the couch thinking over my decisions which led me back to the Midwest and I have to admit that I was questioning what I did. Yet here I am, so I guess I have to make the most of it. Maybe I will be able to get some writing done tomorrow; who knows. There's a lot of things on my mind, which tend to interfere with my ability to write anything. Later on during the night, my sister and her husband to be and I sat down and watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army which is always a good cinematic experience. I really hope that Guillermo del Toro can get a third one made. The weekend is coming; hopefully everyone can enjoy it.

Jack Reacher trailer (has potential, but will probably be dreadful).

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Aftermath.

What a bloody, blasted last leg of a trip I had! I arrived at my ultimate destination at 5:30 am today and then after unloading my stuff it was 6:30 am, and then I finally got to bed around 7:15am and slept until about 2pm or so. Now, why did I arrive so late? Well....things were going very well until I got outside of Des Moines and then my car basically broke down, but I'll elaborate on that later. I began the day driving around 4am and headed for Denver, Colorado. Driving through the mountains when it was pitch black was highly difficult. With all of the weight that was in my vehicle going up and down the steep roads stressed me out to no end, but I survived and of course arrived at Denver right in the middle of rush hour, but was able to get through it alright. After Denver everything became flat and I drove through the rest of Colorado and into Nebraska! All of that was flat and rather boring to drive through, but at least I could put the cruise control on and just sit back and chill while I listened to the music and the radio. I passed through North Platte, Lincoln, and Omaha (which was a horrible drive because I passed through that during rush hour as well). I eventually found my way into Iowa and once I got passed Des Moines that is when my car started having some problems, and then...well the rest is history. My wonderful future brother in-law, Gabe, came and got me, helped me move all of my stuff into his vehicle and drove me back to my sister's house where we then unpacked all of my stuff. After saying hi to my sister and nephew I went to bed and got up several hours later. Eventually I began putting all of my stuff away and doing....I suppose I can't remember what, but I kept busy throughout the day. The weather is chilly in Illinois, but I do enjoy the fall weather out here in the Midwest, not the winter weather which is soon to come. As I was writing this post my sister and Gabe were watching Animal Hoarders which was quite interesting. People and their problems, how uniquely they manifest for each individual. Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive vibes and what not, they were needed very much and used often. As I adjust to my new surroundings and form a routine I will get back into writing once more. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and many trials as well but the future is bright with lots of potential!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 1 of the Return Trip.

Wow! What a very, very long day it was. I got a late start leaving San Diego around 5:40am, which I thought would be alright but I did want to leave around a half an hour earlier. The consequence of sleeping too long was that when I got around Riverside and outside of LA traffic was ridiculous for about 48 minutes or so, so that set me back as well, and I also forgot to figure in the time difference between Pacific and Central time. Tomorrow will be very long. So once I got out of bad California traffic, things went very well. Driving through the desert part of California was pretty nice and Nevada as well. I have to admit that driving through Las Vegas was very, very cool. It was kind of surreal to be in such a place that has been etched in popular culture with all of the really fancy buildings and what not. I was really busy watching the traffic so I probably missed a lot of landmarks, but I think one day I will return and explore that city, and stop by to see a very dear and old college friend as well. Driving through Utah was long at the beginning, but then when I merged onto I-70 East it was awesome. That route was perhaps the best drive I've ever had in my life; the scenery was beautiful, there was barely any traffic. I really enjoyed Utah; I think I'm going to look into seeing what it would be like to live there. The only minus was the road construction which was a pain in the neck in every state I drove through except through California. Utah had the most though, although they had really nice roads as did Nevada; Arizona however needs to spend more tax money on their roads. Well I've posted a few pictures and some videos from my trip. More along with a more complete video will be on the way. For now I will sleep and prepare my mind for tomorrow; approximately 19 hours of driving give or take. What fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Day In San Diego!

For the most part it was a fairly restful day. I did a lot of lazing about and chatting. My car was experiencing some technical difficulties, but they were easily dealt with thank God. I would like to say thank you to my second family out here in San Diego Daniel, Jennifer, Victoria, Gabriella, and Joshua. I will miss all of you and your wonderful kindnesses and support, which has been a constant ever since I have been in San Diego. They took me to a fantastic restaurant alongside the ocean in downtown this past evening and I ate the most delicious salmon that I have ever tasted possibly. I will also miss many of my friends too many to number or name: Jill, Danny, Tim (Hindu), Ari, Heather (s), Charlie, Olympia, my myriads of former co-workers, Josh & Emily and anyone else that my too tired brain is forgetting. I am going to miss the wonderful weather of this state and the culture, which does not exist in ant format in the American Midwest. It is devastatingly sad to depart California, but I have to hope that returning to my roots will be some sort of master plan that will propel me forward into my dream career...or at least I will be comfortable. Who knows. I start off bright and early tomorrow morning a little bit before 5am and will drive for the greater part of the day. Hopefully I will be able to post something tomorrow, if not...well hopefully I will still be alive. Goodbye California and the American West Coast! Just like General MacArthur, I will return one day.

Friday, October 12, 2012

"Yum, Yum!"

I hate, loathe, and despise moving. I have moved every year since 2002, whether it was on my own or with my mother. This is perhaps though the worst time I have ever experienced moving before, which is a fantastic conclusion to the worst four months of my entire life. So I am completely moved out of my apartment and am staying with some good friends of mine until bright and early Monday morning when I will be departing for my cross country journey. I never thought that I had so much stuff, but I did and boy did I really pack it in my car. Getting it to Illinois will be quite the adventure; perhaps I'll write a story about it all when everything is said and done. So since then I have been relaxing and attempting to enjoy my remaining days in San Diego, which hasn't been too difficult. The weather is just the way I like it; cool and cloudy like. The family that I am staying with is like vacationing for me, which has been fantastic! So much of me is ready for all of this just to be over and be at my new home. What would Halloween be like without some scary films, particularly those from the 80's. I watched Gremlins tonight, and boy I forgot how much I really enjoyed that film. It's kind of creepy, but really humorous at the same time, or rather in a vicious way I suppose. Definitely recommend it to people who haven't seen it yet. At the moment I'm watching the classic film Sergeant York on the Military channel, although it's in black and white and I'm used to seeing it in color though. Can't have everything though I guess. Still it's a great film starring Gary Cooper, and it is another film that everyone should watch as a bit of a reminder of where America came from and what it used to be. Oh yeah so I watched the American Vice-Presidential debate last night and found it kind of boring...and a little insightful. Vice-President Biden came off as obnoxious and rude to me yet passionate, and Paul Ryan as cool and aloof like but he appeared quite professional. Who knows. Well enjoy your weekend everyone, and please send me your prayers, positive energy and anything else that might help me on my journey.

Gremlins trailer

Scene from Gremlins

Skyfall trailer with Adele song

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When Dawn Breaks.

And literally I was wide awake when dawn was breaking early this morning. 6am I was tapping my fingers irritated that I couldn't fall back asleep, so eventually I decided to get up and get to work. I packed and moved a ton of stuff all morning and day, and I finally sat down around 1:30pm and rested for a bit. So come this time next week I will be freezing in Illinois, so it promises to be quite a...a...lovely future. So for some odd reason I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 and boy what a waste of time that was. For about 45 minutes it was nothing but a wedding, and then after that it was about 15 minutes of a melancholy honeymoon, and then after that it was the strangest pregnancy that I've ever seen. That film was...well not my cup of tea, and I really do believe that the screenplay was written poorly, but I suppose it was a good adaptation of the book, which I obviously don't care for. The character of Bella is annoying and awkward; she never talks about what she's feeling, she just stares stupidly. In my opinion don't waste your time watching this film like I did, but yes I will watch part 2 just to finish it off. I still haven't a clue what makes these films so popular. Well tomorrow I have a lot of work planned, but hopefully I will get more sleep tonight. Now that I think about it, tonight will be the last night I spend in my apartment because after tomorrow I will be in essence homeless, at  least in regards to my own place. Who knows what the future holds though.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moon River.

I am exhausted. I just sat down after a bunch of packing and moving a bunch of my stuff, and the bonus was that my excellent friend Danny came and took quite a bit of it. Therefore the time has come; launch sequence has been initiated. Hopefully by this week I will be traveling once more through the great United States! Now I just have to get all of the fine details worked out so I can get moving, quite literally that is. Before all of this madness started around 8pm I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's starring of course Audrey Hepburn with  George Peppard. Since I had never seen it before and had heard all of this talk about it, my curiosity was ready to be satisfied. It was a rather interesting film to say the least. I could definitely tell that it was based on a Truman Capote story. Hepburn's performance was amazing, although I do like her better in other films a whole lot more, but she played her character perfectly in this film and came off as delightful, mysterious, and troubled. She got an Oscar nomination for her performance, but that's it; a definite shame. I wonder who got it that year? I think it's a good film to say you've seen, but it was a little boring and scatterbrained at times which was a little irritating. There was a different way to make films back in those days that's for certain, and parties were a whole lot different back in the fifties as well from the look of the film than they are today. Still I would recommend people to see it, and it would make an excellent date film for all ages. I didn't get any solid writing done today, but I toyed with my time travel science again which was fun, and I was able to make some good progress on that front as well. I dabbled in a few other things, but other than that it was a pretty chill day. My mind has gone blank so I will leave at that even though I am most likely forgetting something that I want to write, but I just cannot think of. I guess that's life.

Andy Williams sings "Moon River"

Breakfast at Tiffany's trailer

Monday, October 8, 2012

Was It Camelot?

I didn't do too much today that I can blog about and share with the lovely international world. I said goodbye to a great friend and wonderful colleague and former college professor of mine. If I had a role model this man would definitely be it. He is a great man, a great psychologist, and a great friend who's company and counsel I will miss once I am over there in Illinois. I had a very lengthy conversation with a sister of mine, which was awesome; I do love talking to my family, and I find it quite a sad thing that not everyone possesses that ability. I did a few other things, but then I sat down and watched the remainder of The Kennedys series. I have to admit that I really, really enjoyed that adaptation of former President Kennedy and his family. I am uncertain how historically accurate it is in its entirety, but it seemed rather spot on. I will be reading a voluminous biography on the president in the future sometime, but I have to admit that after watching that show I like him more than I ever did. There might even be some admiration there as well, it is a shame though that he was such an unfaithful womanizer. If the depiction of his brother Robert Kennedy was accurate than it was a blasted shame he was assassinated too in 1968, five years after his brother. That poor, miserable, wretched family. I believe it was said that Jackie Kennedy brought about "Camelot" in the White House, but when I saw that a doctor of sorts was giving her injections (along with the President) of what I think was cocaine something tells me it wasn't all quite a wonderful fantasy that the American people thought that it was. There is always more to reality and people. Between the Kennedy assassinations and the assassination of Dr. King, what an uncertain time that must have been. I don't think a good rational explanation will be found why those men were viciously murdered ever. Except for the triad, which has been the constant in such murderous behavior: jealousy, fear, and anger. At least two of these men were far ahead of their time, and there were many who weren't ready for such change unfortunately. This was a good show, and I encourage everyone to watch it. It will educate, make you think, and perhaps give you a little more compassion. Good night.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Hot, Plain, Tomato Soup!"

If there is one television series that I grew up watching with my father, it was Star Trek: Voyager. It was something to see the pilot episode again after something probably akin to a decade. Watching the intro to the show with the music composed by Jerry Goldsmith was so calming, so cool memories of all kinds came flooding to my consciousness and I began smiling. Now I get to see if I like the series as much as I thought I did, which based off the first initial episodes doesn't seem to bode well, but we'll see. I didn't experience any zombie nightmares fortunately so that was a relief; a zombie horse would make an interesting story. After all there was a "War Horse" why not one that has been zombified. Well the first full week of October has begun and the clock for my departure continues ticking. I was looking at my car today thinking that my eyes may be a little too ambitious to fit everything in that I want to take back with me, but I have decided to make everything fit and that it will indeed fit. Willpower is extraordinarily powerful when given a voice. I watched the latest episode of The Clone Wars and cool enough the show took us to Onderon, which if you are versed in Star Wars lore you will know that it is home world of such people like Freedon Nadd, Queen Amanoa, and where the Krath Cult of Aleema and Satal Keto began, and also where Exar Kun began his path towards the Darkside of the Force. Yes I am aware how ridiculous it is that I know so much about something completely fictional. It is fun though for I have to admit. Anyways. The episode was....interesting. There is oddly enough a love triangle between three characters which caught me off guard considering it is an animated cartoon targeted towards young boys, but whatever. It was essentially diverting enough, but there wasn't any real character exploration, depth, or anything really interesting happening. That's what happens when you put all of your major characters into one episode on top of introducing new ones and some old familiar faces. Too many characters vying for screen time which is very limited and dominated mainly by action, and boring dialogue. Season 5 isn't really off to a good start; probably the worst of all seasons so far, despite the first episode having Darth Maul in it (and I guess that one wasn't too bad). It is after all just a kid television show, so there's nothing really to get worked up over. It was just a really slow day for me. Stay cool everyone...unless you live somewhere Arctic like I guess.

The Clone Wars Season 5 "A War on 2 Fronts"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zombie Horse Brains for the Bold?

When I woke up this morning I didn't think that I would be watching anything related to zombies, but next thing I know a mob of voracious zombies are ripping a horse apart and feasting on its entrails. It was very disgusting. More on that in a moment. Today was very, very nice. I spent time with very good friends for nigh the entire day. First I went to this amazing restaurant with one of my best friends, and they served the finest strawberry lemonade I have ever tasted; it was really good. We then went back to my old college that I graduated from and watched a soccer game, which the home team lost, but only by a point. They played their hearts out, but unfortunately made too many mistakes. After that I went and hung out with some more dear friends of mine, and after we ate dinner and scrolled through most of what Netflix has playing on streaming we decided on Walking Dead. I was hesitant about it as I'm not very much into zombies, but I have to admit that my attention was held quite well. There was a huge gross factor, but overall it seems like a rather interesting premise. Half dead people scrounging around like scavengers was quite unpleasant, and I recall this one woman with a mutilated skeletal face with only her upper body remaining as she dragged her intestines behind her. They certainly got the zombie part smack on. It was sad to part ways with so many good friends and people, but hopefully I shall return to California again and who knows in what context it will be. Oh and the jobless rate might have fallen, but gas prices out here are skyrocketing. Doesn't seem like much of a positive trade-off. Well world have a fantastic rest of the weekend.

The Walking Dead season 1 trailer

Friday, October 5, 2012

"Kennedy's Never Come in Second."

Apparently I need to read up more on the Kennedy family, and yes I am referring to the family that was steeped in politics for over half of the 20th century. I began watching the show The Kennedys starring Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, and Tom Wilkinson. I know very little of the Kennedy family except that most of the men were womanizers, Kennedy Sr. had some rather shady dealings with very unscrupulous individuals and made all of his wealth around the time of the Great Depression and he also seemed inclined towards Hitler's Nazi Germany, and that JFK was a rather likable fellow. Obviously I need to know more, and I believe every American should be informed to a degree about all of the Presidents that have served; perhaps the American people would then make better choices on whom they elect. If the series I am watching is even mildly accurate then all I have to say is wow. That family was a piece of work, and the patriarch of it all was obsessed with power, control, and wealth; thank God he never became President. It is a pretty good series so far though and the acting is great, although I wasn't alive during that era but the likenesses between the characters and the individuals portraying them seem right on. I went for a lengthy hike around a lake today which was quite lovely as was the company, but the blister on my foot and the pain in my legs is the only negative part of it all. I'm going to miss California, but as gas prices keep rising and all of the other political and economic crap that keeps piling up, perhaps it is fortuitous timing. Good luck to the remaining residents. As of last night I finished the last and final season (7th) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and yes it didn't even take me a year to watch all 7 seasons. I'm going to move onto Star Trek: Voyager next, but so far Deep Space Nine is my favorite. For the most part it had excellent writing, excellent characters, excellent story lines, and was just a lot of fun all around. That show created a villain mightier and cooler than the Borg; The Dominion. Such amazing, efficient, cruel, and vicious villainy is quite rare and they did it nigh perfectly. If you like good science fiction, than I suggest watching that show; it isn't as creatively unique as Farscape but it is comparable. Enjoy the weekend, and a month from tomorrow an incredible American history will be made.

The Kennedys Trailer

New James Bond Theme Skyfall by Adele (doesn't sound too shabby)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some War.

The packing and cleaning out continues as I get ready for the big move. The day was in that regard rather uneventful. I watched the Presidential Debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney and found it very insightful, amusing, exhilarating and fun. That may seem odd to hear for many people, but I love history and I enjoy politics; this coming presidential election will make history....or so many of the pundits claim. After that I made myself some pizza and and watched the film This Means War which I was expecting to be a miserable flop. I enjoyed it though and laughed numerous times. The ending was actually good, even if most of the film was ridiculously over the top which was one of its flaws. Reese Witherspoon did a fine job with her character who played a successful business woman looking for the right man. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy played two big shot CIA agents that are the best of friends, but they fall for the same woman. Thus in their quest to win fair maiden, they utilize all of the assets of the CIA at their disposal to woo this woman to their heart. It's interesting how the similarities of human mating closely relate when you get down to it, to many other species of life that exist here on Earth. It was a fund film that deserves an "Admirable Ability" from me as it was a delightful romantic comedy, yet it could have been better if they hadn't have gotten so flashy with all of the CIA stuff and action. It was a slow day despite it passing by rather quickly, but I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'm getting kind of anxious as I'm preparing to leave what with getting packed up and all. I believe I am ready to begin a new life out there in the Midwest....as deplorable as it may be initially as winter is coming on and things are beginning to cool off in Southern California. I tell you, timing just isn't on my side.

This Means War trailer

The Lone Ranger trailer (it should be pretty good, at least I hope).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moving on Can be a Good Thing.

So all of the wheels are in motion for the preparations for my departure to leave California. Lots of get togethers with friends have been made so that we can have fun before I leave once again, although the first time that I left I believed I would never be returning. Now I know better, for it will always remain a viable possibility as long as I am alive. The majority of my stuff is packed, now all I have to do is get rid of the stuff that I will not be taking with me. I even scoped out where my journey will take me when I drive across the country to get to Illinois; I get to drive through all new states which will take me along a different path than when I first drove out west. I actually just finished writing my latest Modern War story The Sword and the Shield: Family Under Fire, and it wasn't half bad now that the story is narrowing and I am beginning to home in on the end of the entire saga. It's very exciting for me, because I personally love the ending that I have in mind. I am certain though many will find it....a little disturbing. I was watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and I landed a few episodes where one young boy was physically abused and where a teenager was sexually and psychologically abused by his psychiatrist of many years. In my last job interview I was asked why I went into this field and my answer was fine, but the guy was trying to get me to say what "happened" to me that made me want to enter the mental health industry. Apparently most people have problems, which is why they enter the field so they can better understand themselves and therefore help other people. Me personally, I hate seeing children suffer at the hands of their caretakers, parents, or whatever might be doing the abuse (psychologically, emotionally, or physical). Not that my parents did horrible things to me or my family life was horrendous, but let's just say I didn't have a smooth ride through jr. high and high school (like many; my experiences and personality just shaped me differently). I chose psychology, because I don't want to see kids and teens go through what I went through. What does all of this have to do with moving on? Well, perhaps I will get into graduate school around Chicago, get my Masters degree in something like Social work and begin to make the different I've always wanted to, which maybe if I had remained in San Diego wouldn't have happened. Many other things could happen as well, but that's one take on my rather....sucky situation to spin it positively. Wow! I thought it was Wednesday for a moment; goodness, I can't wait to get back into a routine. Being fired really screwed up the balance of my life. Oh well, time to find a new rhythm I suppose.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaving California Once Again.

Well there it is. It really, really sucks, but I'm leaving the grand state of California and returning to Illinois. Anyone who says the economy is getting better is wrong, because that's why I'm leaving. At the beginning of June I was financially successful for where I was at in life, and now I have no job, have to leave the state I moved to and go live with family. I'm really trying to look on the bright side to this whole thing, but it isn't easy whatsoever. The show must go on though. Miracles don't always happen, things don't always work out, and more often than not life sucks. Fortunately though, due to my religious perspective and beliefs this life isn't the end all of everything. Maybe I'll go to grad school in or around Chicago, maybe I'll that screenplay I've been working on, make a fortune, and go on to write successfully like that, and perhaps my books when they're complete will finally take off. Life for the next several months will remain completely ambiguous and unknown as what to expect, I am amazingly at peace with all of that though. That is highly unusual for me, but  I'll take it what with all of the bad luck I've been encountering. It's going to hard saying goodbye to all of my friends, the way of life out here, but especially the relatively temperate climate. I am returning to the Midwestern U.S. just in time for winter, and I have a feeling it is going to be a really cold one. Very soon I will be packing up my gear and heading out. It's going to be another interesting drive. Well I did a whole lot more packing and organizing today for my departure and continued to narrow down what I will and won't take, and so far it looks like I'll be taking most of the important stuff thankfully. There's a chair I'd like to take, but I can't dismantle it enough to bring it on board so oh well. Such a bloody shame. You think you have the makings of a great life unfolding all around you, and then it all deflates despite all of your measures to prop it up. I watched the film Double Jeopardy tonight which of course stars Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones from all the way back to 1999. That was a very good year. My oldest sister graduated high school and went off to college, The Phantom Menace was released, and....oh I guess that's about it. A great film with one heck of an ending, definitely a "Strong Ability." Such a fine cast and good story line; isn't Oscar style, but hey at least I enjoy watching it multiple times. Why would you want to depress yourself, or bore yourself just to watch a film? Doesn't make much sense to me, although many of those films do have fantastic performances. The countdown begins. Wish me luck....or rather better luck than I have been having lately.

Double Jeopardy trailer