Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Process of Elimination, Patience & News.

When I think of the process of elimination and patience I automatically think of Sherlock Holmes. Well aside from a small lapse in the morning of not being able to sleep, my slumber was interrupted rudely with a phone call from a Cox Communications technician who was on his way to fix my internet. When he got there shortly after the call, he didn't do much except look, talk a little, and replace something very small. Upon checking on my internet connection he said I was fine and left. Of course I began to tinker around on the internet immediately thereafter and it began to have problems once more. I was very frustrated to say the least. So when an automated call from Cox called me to survey about how well the technician did.... I was probably a little less than fair because I was still having the problems. Eventually after I eliminated the possibilities of there being a problem with Cox, I focused on my personal stuff. After a couple more hours of my own tinkering, I discovered that my poor internet connection had to do with my computer. So I turned it off and did a few other things before I got back to it. I cleaned it of all the internet files and a few other things just to be sure, and low and behold it works fine now; just like it used to, and hopefully will stay that way. A word of advice to new computer people; be careful what you download and what websites you go to, or risk learning the irritatingly hard way. So today I was busy with that along with a few other apartment chores which sucked up a lot of my time, and then I was eventually able to relax and get some play time in. Clone Wars Tuesdays continues the new story arc with Friends and Enemies. The second episode was good; I really enjoyed seeing this side of Star Wars, and it really should be something the creators should be exploring more of. Obi-Wan continues his masquerade of a Bounty Hunter in league with Bane and Eval, but Anakin is fiercely on their tracks and gets ever so helpful nudges from Chancellor Palpatine on where to go. It's interesting to see Obi-Wan's character go through various kinds of predicaments which essentially test his Jedi mettle, but he shines through and always avoids doing anything against the code despite being a spectator to violence that he could have stopped. The next episode The Box should be telling considering its title. I suppose I have been blogging for the past couple of months about this new project that I have been working on since....I believe it was the beginning of October. I went through various phases of it and eventually got to a point where there wasn't any writing for me to do, at which point I only had to wait. Now I have received the green light from my publisher and therefore can safely and assuredly announce that in anticipation of Book II of A Warrior's Tale, I am releasing a 2nd edition of The Curse of a Warrior. There will be an updated map (which will be the same style as the maps for book 2), an updated hard cover (which will have a similar style to book 2), and I have added at least 50 additional pages of material through the book. I felt that the first edition wasn't that up to par as the second book is, and so I believed that in order to be successful with the second book, I had to make a drastic overhaul to The Curse of a Warrior. The result is a much better read and better dynamics to the writing. I am sure everyone will believe it is a much better book. And yes, book 2 has been finished and re-drafted numerous times and is now in the final stages of editing. It is my hope to have book 2 released this year sometime, although I am uncertain of when. I will be posting and sharing different levels of the process of book 1's second edition release and publication. It has been a long time and a lot of work to get this far, and I am getting it done. To continue to whet your appetite, I have already written the rough overview for book 3....although you may have to wait another year and a half at least for that one to come out. Patience though, as Master Yoda would say.

New film with Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, and Sigourney Weaver star in. It actually looks rather dreadful so naturally I thought I'd share it with all of you.

Friends and Enemies preview for the Clone Wars.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Such As It Is.

Work wasn't too bad, and my angel food cake with strawberries for my writing group went over very well. For part of my shift I was with some of the older boys of the facility, and wow the things that came out of their mouths about shocked me. Perhaps I am so old fashioned where I consider it monstrously obscene for 11 and 12 year boys to be talking about sex, innuendos, and sexual violence while laughing and joking. I really hope that is not the average kid in America, although I think one of the boys was acting that way to look cool to the other boy. Adolescence is ridiculous, whether or not you're severely emotionally disturbed. I was also trying to keep this one maniac of an SED from beating anyone up, including me, which was fun. Thankfully that part of my evening didn't last too long, but long enough to make me miss where I usually work. Three days off; hopefully I can make them count.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Little Static.

Aside from nothing essentially to write about yesterday, I discovered after calling the technical service number for my cable internet that the reason why my connection has been slow and intermittently abrupt is because of some static interference at the source of the connection. Therefore they have to send someone out to fix it, and Tuesday morning was the earliest they could manage. Fortunately I have other sources of entertainment so it wasn't that big of a deal, but it does make blogging and other usual internet activities for me quite difficult. So I'm hoping I don't have any problems until I am done posting this blog, and a little after so I can get some other stuff done. Work has been fine yesterday and today. I made some delicious lemon poppy seed muffins for breakfast this morning and an angel food cake for my writing group treat tomorrow. I was suppose to make a raspberry cheesecake, but time and energy just haven't been on my side irritatingly enough. Well time to move on and sleep, or read I suppose.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Feasting.

If words could capture the delight and fantasy of which I partook tonight eating the wonderful food that my friend Adrienne prepared, wow. There would be pictures and video left and right all over this post. However, none could suffice, and I was too busy stuffing my face with the delicious food. My friend made chicken with pesto, which was amazing, and then she also made a pesto sauce with angel hair pasta which was to die for. There was also a salad that had some kind of cheese and a few other things which was so scrumptious. And then there was the decadent dessert I made; chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache. Wow it was exquisite, and the ganache was perfect. I had another friend over and then a co-worker, and together the four of us had a lovely night chatting and eating away. It was a grand night. Work today wasn't that bad either. The clients were relatively well behaved, and I was able to get a few projects at work completed. I was very lucky today, and hopefully that luck holds throughout the weekend. Time for all of that food to digest, and to get some much needed sleep. Excellent food makes for excellent sleep...at least that is what I am hoping for. Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Quite How I Thought.

It's interesting how you go to sleep thinking something and then you wake up in the morning and completely change your mind about what you were going to do that day. There were several things that I had planned to do today, but one by one I crossed them off my to do list. The more I think about my decisions, the more I am thankful that I didn't do what I thought that I was going to do. I don't know how many of you make choices and what not without properly thinking them through, but I tend to think very slowly and thoughtfully and make decisions even more slowly. For the most part my rational and slow way of thinking and deciding has kept me from getting into a world of trouble and making a lot of poor or bad decisions, which I don't care what Hollywood says or how popular media portrays it oftentimes; going with the flow and going whatever that comes your ways isn't fun, especially in the long run. That is my philosophy soap box for the night, although it was probably more rambling than anything. One of the things that I wanted to do was make chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache, and although I haven't made the ganache yet (they are still cooling) the cupcakes turned out deliciously. They're for dessert for the dinner party that I am hosting at my place tomorrow; one of my friends is cooking and she's making chicken with pesto. I can't wait to eat it! That didn't take all day, and although I did chat with my mum for a bit, I actually spent a lot of time.....taking over the world in Empire Total War the computer strategy game. I swear the bloody game is like hypnotism, and even though it is a whole lot of fun, I must admit that I have been allowing myself to play it a little too much lately. I think part of my brain is still on vacation from working like a madman to finish that last project, which I will hopefully be revealing any day now what it was. Stay tuned for the.....well....I guess surprise of sorts. Gotta love the confident enthusiasm on my part. Work tomorrow again throughout the weekend; pray that the SED's remain in school, and that I don't walk into anything too crazy. Thanks.

A very intriguing film starring Glenn Close that tackles a very hot topic, especially for the era in which it is taking place.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Day Off Being Off.

Not entirely certain what my title means, but I couldn't think of anything else to write and that was the only thing that was coming to me. I did a whole lot of nothing today which was very nice. I got a lot of reading in, played a computer game where I am slowly taking over the known world, and watched a film; not essentially productive, but I can't really say that will always be my goal every day of my life. The film I watched is called Love, Wedding, Marriage and this type of film isn't my usual fare but I saw it on Netflix and looked at the cast and thought that it could be interesting at least. It's one of those films where you aren't looking for anything deep or well acted per se, which pretty much was this film. Mandy Moore, Kellan Lutz, Jane Seymour and James Brolin played the major roles. Mandy Moore has her Ph.D in Psychology and counsels married couples; her parents' perfect marriage was her inspiration, and Kellan Lutz plays her charming husband. However, she quickly discovers that her parent's marriage isn't all that she thought that it was and soon she is desperately trying to save it although not realizing at the time that her marriage is having difficulties as well. Well.......to tell you the honest truth, it wasn't that funny. There were some humorous moments, but for the most part it ran rather flat and struck me as more of a romantic drama trying to be funny at times than an actual comedy. Mandy Moore was lovely as was Jane Seymour; Mr. Lutz is working on his acting ability, but he's getting there, and is it me or does he look a lot like Chris Pine? I don't know if I'd ever see this film again or recommend it to anyone so I'm giving it a "Yearning Ability;" I know I say this a lot, but it could have been so much better. I don't know why filmmakers these days just don't put any effort hardly at all to the writing of the screenplay. Oh by the way, the Oscar nominations were released and the ceremony will be taking place on February the 28th. I will be projecting the winners in each category during the month, and the nominees that I would like to see win. Well time to move on to the rest of tonight's entertainment. We'll see how productive tomorrow is.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Awakening.

Despite how lovely the day went, I awoke with his horrible crick in my neck for lack of a better technical word. Even now as I type, it is driving me nuts; no matter how much I stretch it, or kneed it with a back massage tool it doesn't go away. It vexes me. I saw Underworld: Awakening today and thought it was pretty good. Filled with all kinds of action and new characters, but it was also really short in its length which was disappointing. I was also mildly annoyed by the severe shortage of character development, especially since there were all new characters, except for Selene. If you like that kind of genre and action then you'll really enjoy this film; I was never bored once while watching it. I got a television antennae while I was Target so I could watch President Obama's state of the union address. Of course I couldn't get the bloody thing to work until after the speech, but thank goodness for Youtube. Now I can watch all of the local channels without paying for them, and I have Netflix as well, and the channels coming in amazingly well for such a small antennae. I won't comment much on President Obama's address, save to say that I was very impressed and pleased with his tone and direction that he wishes the Assad regime in Syria to take, cracking down on Iran and not taking any options off the table in order to keep them from obtaining nuclear weapons, and his reaffirming the United State's ironclad relationship with Israel. That's it. The Clone Wars returns this Tuesday with apparently a multiple episode arc about the Jedi attempting to stop a plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. Obi-Wan's death is faked so that he can go undercover (is disguise of course) and find out how everything is going to go down. Cad Bane, Bossk, and Boba Fett make some appearances and it all takes place essentially in a prison. It's an interesting idea and story plot, and hopefully one that proves much more interesting in the second episode as this seemed rather dull and flat for me. That's all folks. Now why don't you get some rest and enjoy your week. As for me, I'm going to finish reading my newspapers and then watch something interesting before getting some good ole fashioned shut-eye.

Clone Wars Episode 15 preview.

Monday, January 23, 2012

500th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have reached that next golden number after writing this blog for over a year and a half. True, I was not able to meet my blog every day for a year goal, but crap happened and that's life which is the same reason why I can't always write something. Life has a tendency to get in the way and make plans on its own, without your knowledge or consent. Anyhow; it's great that I've gotten to this number, and I'm very thankful and glad to all of the individuals have read my blog and taken an interest in my rather dull at times life. A cybernetic toast to the next hundred posts before that next golden number. Moving on.....And now come the days off at last. It was ridiculous; I was getting so out of it apparently that I was mixing up my words left and right, and this one SED kid was beating me in "Connect Four" despite me trying my utmost to win the game every single time. It was quite an ego...check to be beaten by an SED nine year old. Overall the day went very well; I made snickerdoodle cookies for my writing group and they were quite scrumptious and overall the group went well. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and that you all aren't dreading the week too much.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Sickness.

I had a lovely beginning to the day. I got up flipped through the newspaper, got myself some tea and juice and almost ate a cinnamon bagel but I decided to burn it and lost my appetite. I watched Bless the Child which starred Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits, both of whom I enjoy thoroughly. It was an enjoyable film, and possessed an interesting point of view on spiritualism concerning Christian spiritual warfare. Good story, good cast, creepy music with Latin chants, and a somewhat creepy plot. Good Sunday film fare. Work began without incident, although two of the SED's quickly became ill and had to remain in their rooms. One of them got so hungry (even though she had plenty to eat; she self-medicates by eating and would eat anyone out of house and home if she could) that she ate her chap stick which was blueberry flavored and then of course complained of a stomach ache and vomited it all back up. She's also a hypochondriac, so she was complaining of being sick constantly and hurting here there and everywhere when in fact she was just fine. It was very irritating. I then had another SED acting hyper and crazy, which then turned into defiance and threatening. We were able to contain her in a room where she was threatening to kill me and one of my co-workers such as stabbing us to death or blowing our heads off with a gun. It was quite an unpleasant hour and a half, but eventually she thankfully calmed down. The rest of the evening thankfully went without incident. One more work day and then some more time off; thank God.

A trailer for an interesting comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, & Chris Pine; looks....potentially humorous, although very ridiculous and over the top.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ordinary Craziness.

These past two days of work and what not have been filled with the garden variety disturbed children threatening to kill their peers and of course us the staff because we are so "rude & mean." I also had many insult thrown at me, and there was one point where an SED really got under my skin and it was so hard to not show it. This one particular SED also has an older brother who 18 years old who is apparently diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, not to mention having fantasies of seeing dead people while enjoying the possible thought of inflicting pain. Oh this person, recently getting out of juvenile detention, wants to start his own prison gang which would revolve around white supremacy ideology. The SED boy that I work with looks up to and admires his older brother very much, not to mention the mother of both boys has declared how similar the younger one is to the older. Fills you with such warm and happy feelings inside doesn't it. I swear a major portion of the crimes committed in the United States are done by the type of kids that I work with, once they've had on opportunity to grow up a little bit and are capable of inflicting violent, yet deadly damage. Well, sadly no really good stories besides that one so stay tuned for the next couple of days. Aside from acting really weird, the SED's tend to behave (at least the boys) while I am there; lucky them. Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good To Know.

Alas it wasn't the most productive day I've ever experienced, but it wasn't half bad in that regard either. I just finished writing another Modern War StoryThe Sword and the Shield: Moving Beyond the Fallen and I tried to make it pretty heart wrenching. The flow of the story didn't go precisely as I wanted it to go when I originally began writing it, but what can I say; my works have lives of their own and grow and change as they will. I just get to pen it all down, so to speak. I think one is a good one, definitely more relatable since the main characters aren't terrorists or part of some large government. During dinner I watched this one film called Good. It's about a German professor played by Viggo Mortenson who finds himself on the outside of the new German Reich then suddenly finding himself swept up into the movement all the way to becoming part of the SS. It at times is a rather odd film, and I thought that it would touch more upon the theme of Nazi eugenic practices, but it focused more on how the Jews were treated and disposed of with him being caught sort of in the middle since his best friend was a Jew. Jason Isaacs played a German/Jewish psychoanalyst that was lighthearted and vibrant, but that changed when the Nazis began to limit his and other Jews' freedoms. Mark Strong and Stephen Mackintosh had small roles in the film, but it mainly focused on the first two. Jason Isaacs was astounding; he pulled off the dark drama well without being over the top. With Viggo Mortenson, he played it so well; how he was seductively pulled in to the SS and then detached to carry out the Reich's every whim. Very, very fascinating; I now declare that the man can act beyond action films like Lord of the Rings. It was a good film, but not great; the ending was anti-climactic and confusing, although I think I might have an idea what it was about. However, I'm still giving it an "Admirable Ability," Viggo's performance was the best part of the film. Not really for mainstream viewers, but those of you who like different and interesting films with thought provoking ideas will probably enjoy it. Well time for my work weekend, and before I sign off I would like to wish my mother a very happy birthday; she is in fact the best mother in the whole world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Like Him."

I have now gone full circle with the current Underworld Trilogy I suppose you would call it after watching Underworld: Rise of the Lycans tonight. It is my second favorite film of the three, and may I say that Michael Sheen, Rhona Mitra, and Bill Nighy are fantastic, but especially Bill Nighy. As the Vampire Viktor, no other actor could have ever embodied the character like he did. I'm interested to see how the fourth film Underworld: Awakening will fare with the story, plot and so forth considering almost none of the original cast looks as if they will be in it except for Kate Beckinsale. Anyways it was a more leisurely day then yesterday. After doing some stuff on the internet and computer and my usual morning reading, I did some corresponding with my publisher and hopefully in a few days I will have some very good news to share with the entire world, that is if things continue to have a positive outlook for me. I tend to be the kind of person that looks at the glass half empty, so I'm always waiting for the next ball to drop. I did a good bit of writing today and I almost posted the story on my website, but I didn't think I was anywhere near being done and I was running a little too close to empty to be attempting to write the emotional climax without some rest, so I'm saving the rest for tomorrow which then I will hopefully be able to finish. Well time to finish reading my papers and stay up to date with all of the crap that is going on around the world. I actually read a local story around San Diego today where a 10 year old boy stabbed to death his friend (a 12 year old boy) because he was upset. People are saying he had problems controlling his anger or something like that, but that he would have never hurt a fly. I'm kind of curious where he got the kitchen knife from and where all of the supervision was if this kid was prone to outbursts of violent anger. After working with kids like that for over 3 years, I highly doubt this kid didn't realize what he was doing; I think everyone else is kidding themselves and attempting to rationalize what happened by making excuses for this kid. It's a sucky situation, and I'm glad that I'm not either parent; can't imagine what those people are going through.

Book trailer about my favorite Sith Lord of all time; Darth Sidious of course, and where he learned all of his tricks and power from. Should be good, at least I hope; James Luceno tends to write good Star Wars books.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enough Iron In Your Diet?

It was surprisingly a very busy day, and I still haven't read all of the newspaper yet either. Well I got up this morning and went to the theatre and saw The Iron Lady. What a fantastic film and I now know what my next biography to read will be; I gave the film a "Strong Ability" which granted was due mainly to Meryl Streep's performance as Margaret Thatcher. What a woman if the film is anything like what the real woman was like back in the day, and still is bless her ancient soul. After that I had a lot of chores around the apartment to do like a small mountain of laundry and a large mountain of dishes; it sucks not having a dishwashing machine. No I didn't get any writing done, but I may have some rather exciting news concerning that project in a few days that I had been working on for the past 3 months or so. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm hoping that I will be able to get some writing done tomorrow. Another episode of The Clone Wars has come and gone and this one, titled A Friend in Need, was actually good. Ahsoka assists an old friend from season 3, Lux Bonteri. I like the character growth and challenges that face Ahsoka in this episode, and I think that if handled well the potential of all of the story elements in this episode could be quite.....impacting on the entire series. 'Death Watch' even makes a little bit of a return, although they seem somewhat diminished in their power, not to mention their leader comes across to me as such a thug. Whatever, overall it was a good episode; R2 even got a little bit of hero time.

This film Man on a Ledge looked promising as I began to see the trailer, but then the more I saw of it the less I liked it. Personally I think it is going to be dreadful despite its good cast, but I could be surprised.

A Friend in Need preview for the Clone Wars.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stuffed With Fluff.

Work went quite smoothly today aside from a few SED's acting loud and weird, but that's very normal for those that were doing it. For a movie we watched Walt Disney's The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which was something that I loved so much growing up as a child, and upon watching it I still loved it. Walt Disney really made something fantastic back when he was alive and invested in the project; tis sad that his genius didn't really carry on after his death. Disney has only straggled along on a few successes and other people's genius instead of their own. Anyways. Days off have come, so now it's time for some fun.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Broken Light Bulbs.

Today began out very slowly and lovely. I woke up, made myself some tea and a bagel and watched the film Hook while I read through the Sunday newspaper. There is something about that film that filled me with such great creative enthusiasm; I think a lot of it was John Williams' music and Robin Williams' performance. Both men are incredible artists. It was weird though; I had never realized how dated that film was until today. The presence and styles of the late 80s and early 90s are so obvious. It was a great way to begin the day...and then I went to work. I walked in and chatted with a co-worker for a bit and then went down into my cottage and wham got involved with a crisis. This SED was acting like a crazed homicidal maniac. He had broken his light fixture in his room and was waving the fluorescent light bulb that he had somehow removed from the case like it was a lightsaber. While attempting to evade and what not, my co-worker got smashed in the hand with this bulb and it shattered all over the place. There wasn't any blood thank goodness, but it could have been very severe. He was chucking shards of the glass and case at the door when I entered the picture. So I grabbed a bed comforter and used it as a shield for me and another staff while we closed in proximity towards him. We then disarmed him successfully and escorted him to the energy release room where he blew off the rest of his anger and ended up being fine. Later on I had a nice sit down chat with him about the seriousness of what he did, so hopefully he won't be doing that ever again. That was my excitement for the day. We'll see how tomorrow goes, and if I'm lucky there will be no major blow ups.

Flight to Neverland composed by John Williams for Hook is a fantastic theme and really showcases his talent as a film composer.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dinner After the Show.

Luckily for me work wasn't filled with any biting, gnawing, kicking, scratching, or punching from any of the SED's; several of them were quite trying and very irritating, but for the most part all of that crap is fairly easy to deal with...at least it is now. Before it was a little more trying. As I was leaving two SED's were about to yank each other's heads off, but thanks to some great crisis intervention skills from my co-worker Tory nothing....unfortunate happened. Once I had departed work and arrived home, I cleaned up and went out to dinner with my second family out here in San Diego. It had been since Thanksgiving since I last saw them and so we had dinner at The Olive Garden to catch up and had a great time chatting and what not. They also gave me a belated Christmas/birthday present; a "Pampered Chef" stone pie pan, which will not only make great pies, but I also may attempt to make some deep dish pizza with it. I am fortunately feeling much better than yesterday, although for the better part of the half of the day I felt nauseous and occasionally felt like vomiting. I wonder if this is what it feels like to get pregnant. That would suck in many ways; fortunately I don't have the correct plumbing for such things, so I'm sticking with the highly sensitive lactose intolerant theory still. I'm sure after all of that 'way too much information' segment it is time for me to say goodnight. So therefore..........goodnight.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Rather Awful Feeling.

I woke up this morning around 3am and thought that I was seriously going to vomit; it was a horrible feeling, so I quickly laid back down and fortunately fell asleep. However, I didn't necessarily sleep very soundly the rest of the night. I woke up and went to work during which I felt sick and like I was going to vomit the entire day; the thought of eating food made me want to vomit, especially foods that had dairy in them. There was something last night about the chicken alfredo pasta that just killed me almost; don't know if I'll ever do it again, pills with enzymes or not. So work was long, but luckily for me today not overly stressful thank goodness. I got home, took a shower, and crashed onto my favorite chair and watched Underworld: Evolution. Granted there was somewhere else I would have much rather been having a blast, but I felt like crap and still kind of feel that way which sucks. What a week to feel like crap; when I am socially the busiest, which may sound a bit ridiculous, but us hermit writers infrequently go out and do things with groups of people, particularly if they're large (at least this writer does). The rest of the night I just chilled, and after posting this I am going to sleep; I would have never thought that sleep would be one of my most favorite activities when I was a child, but now as an adult there often things I wouldn't rather do then just sleep.

I think I found a new Josh Groban music video from his latest album Illuminations; he has some of the strangest ideas or notions for music videos.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Artistic Day.

Despite having two social events cancelled today because the participants were otherwise preoccupied for various reason I still had a fantastic day. I had a good friend come over for the better part of the day, and at first we went and picked up a chair from "Lamps Plus" that I had ordered about a week ago, and after I assembled that we chilled and then began painting since last time we did drawing. Alright, I suck at painting and can only do ridiculous abstract crap that really truly looks like crap, but she was kind enough to compliment my dreadful products. She on the other hand was truly able to draw something both abstract and tangible at the same time. Below are the two paintings we did; the monkey is her's and the........other one is mine. I attempted the first time around to draw a shadow of Darth Vader, but it looked anything like that; it was very frustrating so I just painted over it. During our painting sessions, we watched Fantasia 2000, Immortal Beloved, and Sucker Punch. All three were fantastic, but the common themes were incredible music, creative visuals, and creative genius; it was helpful for me at least while I attempted to paint...something still not quite certain what it is that I painted. I also made some dinner; chicken alfredo pasta with french bread and corn, although my stomach is regretting the pasta unfortunately. I made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, which were awesome. Needless to say I didn't get any writing done whatsoever, but I did a lot of painting and chatting, so I think that makes up for it. This weekend aside from work I am very busy as I have something going on tomorrow night, and then the night after that. All at once; what can I say.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hunted Come Full Circle.

I remember the first time that I ever saw Underworld. It was back when it was originally released in 2003; me and my sister Paula saw it in the threatre, and then she went into work to pick something up and her boss fired her. She took it pretty hard, but it was a good thing as her boss was a nut (and yes that can be technical psychological term) and the job was a complete dead end for her. Anyways. After we saw that film both of us had a new appreciation for a different type of vampire, and we have loved the film franchise ever since. The first remains my favorite, but I really enjoyed Rise of the Lycans. Underworld: Evolution was good, but not entirely to my liking. So now that the fourth one is coming out, it should be interesting to see where this new one, Underworld: Awakening goes. This is why I'm going to be watching all of the old ones; feeling rather nostalgic and refreshing my memory about the story line and details. So since yesterday was my birthday and I was busy and what not I was unable to post about the latest Clone Wars episode. The latest one "Escape from Kadavo" isn't telling at all. It is the last episode in the Zygerrian Slave trilogy, and this episode was perhaps the better of the three, although I wasn't a fan overall of the three episodes. It was an interesting concept to explore with Anakin's character and background as once being a slave, but I don't think they articulated it well enough. Yet again, here I am an adult critiquing essentially a children's animated show on character development, plot, and depth of emotional writing; maybe that's not such a productive idea. There was plenty of good action, and our favorite Sith lords even made an appearance. I personally would like to see Darth Sidious appear a little more often, but that is just me; I'd like to see my most favorite Sith lord of all time have more screen time. I did get a little bit of writing done. I was sitting down and attempting to think of what to write, and my mind kept drifting back to my Modern War Stories. I wanted to write something else besides that, but eventually I gave in and began writing another episode. This one is going to be heart-warming, but very heart wrenching as well; at least that is what I am going for. All in all it was a very good and relaxing day for tomorrow I will be quite busy. It's weird; when I am socially active it all happens at once, I can't ever seem to spread it out. I guess I should work on that.

I saw this and found it humorous. If you haven't seen any of the older Star Wars films then you might not get it, but if you have then it is possible you'll get quite a laugh.

Clone Wars episode "Escape From Kodavo" preview.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I didn't get any writing done today, for one of the obvious reasons was because it was my birthday. Yep I am another year older and hopefully wiser; the gray hair is beginning to become more prevalent on my head unfortunately, although my sisters say that it is quite distinguishing. Oh well. I actually cleaned my apartment during the apartment, like really cleaned it which took a while, but I prefer to have it really clean versus messy, dusty, and dirty. I spoke to all of my immediate family, except my father who is Columbia, which shocked me; I haven't spoken to all three of my sisters and my mother on the same day in years. It's like one of those blue moon things. Three friends and I then went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and had a fantastic time. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time; it was just what I needed. Thank you Tim, Danny, and David for an awesome time! Oh and belated Happy birthday to David. One of the guys mentioned to the waitress that it was my birthday, and so yes they sang and gave me something to boot with a candle. That hasn't happened to me in a long time, and I haven't blown a candle out on my birthday in years. I have to admit that this was the best birthday I've had for a long time. Thank you to my friends and family for making it so wonderful. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get some writing done, but for now I am leisurely enjoying the moment.

I can't think of a better day then to celebrate 50 years of James Bond. Skyfall, the next Bond film which will be released November of this year, has a new film composer sadly. Thomas Newman will be taking over for David Arnold, who has done a fantastic job with the Bond films ever since Tomorrow Never Dies. Hopefully Mr. Newman will be up for the challenge, and perhaps bring a new style to the franchise and the 23rd Bond film.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I have made it passed another weekend at work! Now comes the celebrating, relaxation, and more working. Hopefully this week I will get some more writing done, but considering what I have planned and going on, probably not very likely. Work went very well today, which was surprisingly nice, but I'm so cynical that I'm thinking that it is the calm before the storm. I'd like to say thank you to my co-worker Jill who got me a lovely birthday present and offered very kind and generous words about me. I'd also like to thank my mother who sent me a great big old portion of her home made carmel corn (which is to die for). Yes my birthday is tomorrow and I will be turning into an older man, or as I like to put it "wiser." Well I hope that everyone has a splendid work week.

My co-worker, Olympia, introduced me to these two gentlemen who play New Age like music, but also classical music with a modern flair called "The Piano Guys." I'm impressed and their music has a new...edge and energy to it. You should check it out if you find any of that kind of music pleasurable.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not Bad.

I was quite tired last night, and didn't have much to write about so I left it blank and went to bed actually quite early. I slept in rather late; I suppose my body needed it, not to mention that it was quite cold this morning which helped me want to remain in bed. I watched the film The African Queen while I read the Sunday newspaper. I had forgotten how much I loved that film; Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn were amazing together, and the film actually looked visually clean. I guess it was the restoration process that they did to it a couple years ago, but it wasn't grainy or static like with any lines going through the film. I highly recommend it to all film goers young and old. Work went quite well, aside from a few SED's acting crazily hyper and strange, but after all I do work with that population so I shouldn't be surprised when I run into stuff like that. So there it was. I'm rather sleepy again so I think I'm going to turn in and see how my work day tomorrow goes.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting a Workout at Work.

Well between all of the restraints, escorts, utterly distressful and foul language, along with getting scratched, bit, kicked, and punched it was a rather long day. It was the hardest day of my employment in almost over a year, but I actually wasn't that stressed out. What I was doing was at times emotionally and physically difficult, but thankfully I was able to pull through it all with nothing personally taken, and only a small cut on my hand to show for any physical damage. Some of the SED's I work with wonder why nobody seems to care about them or want them, yet for some odd reason they cannot or will not connect the dots between their behaviors and the consequences that are attached to them. Such a shame, because many of them are going to repeat their parents' mistakes in far worse ways and methods. So naturally I came home after work and vegetated in my lovely chair watching far too many episodes of Brothers & Sisters, which I actually have only one season left to finish; the season 4 finale was stunningly epic. Should be interesting to see how the final season ends; hopefully no one else dies. Well that was my day in a very short nutshell. It would be so cool if I could record a whole day of what I do at my work and post different segments of it (blurring all of the SED's out of course). I think people would find my line of work quite........fascinating. I am really hoping that tomorrow isn't as chaotic as today, but I am ready for whatever is thrown my direction...as long as I don't get sick again.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tinkering Through the Day.

I began the day watching Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I attended a rather early showing, so I basically got right up and went out to the movies before 10am. It was actually quite lovely too; very little traffic, hardly anybody was at the theatre when I got there, and afterwards I even did a bit of shopping. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got this remarkable painting on sale for about $26 dollars; it was a good day. It was weird though, as I watched the film; I swear there was a huge age gap. Most of the people watching the film were over 45 years old, perhaps I prefer films that don't appear childish in nature, which is actually a very true thing now that I think about it. Back to the movie though, it was good; slow to develop, slow to move along, but it was gripping enough that I didn't really notice that much. Just keep that in mind though if you go out and see it; it isn't like James Bond, and it definitely isn't an action film but rather a thinking film. A classic British counterintelligence story and plot; I therefore gave it a "Strong Ability." The rest of the day I contemplated furniture, pest control and a little bit of rest and relaxation. Overall though I had a rather splendid day and for some odd reason I feel ready to go back to work tomorrow, even though I wouldn't per se claim that I am looking forward to it. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Something Accomplished.

There I did it finally. I posted something on my website besides a film review, and although it is part of an ongoing series, I enjoyed writing it nonetheless. The Sword and the Shield: Divide and Conquer is the latest chapter/episode/story of my Modern War Story series, and the more I write it the more it all is shaping up. For those coming in late to the game, I am writing a bunch of stories from different characters and perspectives that wars affect and shape that take place in the modern era. Conflicts such as Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorists, and everything that is a part of that nasty business (although it can be necessary at times). I'm hoping readers not only find it delightful reading, but also enlightening and thought provoking which is why I write them. I don't like people being one sided about such important issues as armed conflict; I want everyone to know why they support which ever side that they do, and be able to understand and consider the other side's perspective. That wasn't the only thing that I did today though, but it was the only productive thing that I did. I was going to do some other things but procrastinated them for tomorrow's worries. Now that I think of it, today was actually quite boring. All of the excitement is most likely going to happen tomorrow as it usually does, being the last day before I return to work. Oh well, that's just the way things go. Have a good night and good day everyone.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"How Much do You Weigh?"

That is of course a rhetorical question and is a quote from the film that I watched tonight Wild Target. Now I hadn't a clue about this film until I came across it while surfing through some Netflix films, but when I saw that Billy Nighy and Emily Blunt were in the film I knew that I had to see it. It turned out to be a comedy although I thought it was going to be suspenseful, but I liked it and found it quite amusing for a British comedy, which had some other big names in it like Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter), Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins, and Martin Freeman (Bilbo in The Hobbit). There were some odd parts to it, but Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy were to die for and not quite what you would expect; Rupert Grint was....interesting, although I would like to see him play something a little more serious and substantive. There is a good amount of room for growth though. Overall I'll give the film an "Admirable Ability," I think it was good enough to watch again, and I had quite a few  laughs, but there were times when I certainly wasn't laughing. Can't win them all, but I think the general world public might like it. I had a busy day going grocery shopping and doing some laundry while also trying to get some rest as well.  I made myself some delicious tacos and ate way too many of them; I thought that I was going to explode after dinner, but that might have been all of the gummy worms as well. Everyone get ready for a shock.......I actually got some writing done today at last! Unfortunately I was unable to finish the project, but hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow and continue to once again add to my website short story repertoire. Time to roll out my political soap box once more. I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that the Arab League Monitors came to the conclusion that their presence was unable to stem the tide of violence against civilians. What a shocking conclusion indeed; I wonder when they realized that they weren't accomplishing their assignment? One day into Syria. I have been wondering over the past few weeks what Western Powers haven't intervened in Syria like they did in Libya. I was talking to my co-worker a couple days ago, and she asked for an update in what was happening in the world and I told her how angry I was getting at the situation in Syria. I don't want to admit that the United States invaded Iraq for oil, I don't want to think the same for why we and Europe intervened in Libya, but that is looking to be the answer. Here are at least 3 reasons why Western Powers haven't interfered in Syria yet: (although Assad is doing the same things that Qaddafi was doing) 1-There isn't any oil in Syria, or not much worth fussing over. 2-It is too close to Iran, and Western Powers are wussy confronting that monstrous dictatorship there. And 3-Syria isn't close to Europe like Libya was. David Cameron (British Prime Minister) and Nicholas Sarkozy (French President) were among the staunchest supporters of action in Libya calling it a potential security threat and or crisis. I think it's horrendous that hundreds of innocent people have to die just because those with the power to do something about it are afraid of implementing action. What irritates me essentially is that we did something in Libya, yet why can't we do the same thing in Syria for those people who are suffering? I hate to be trite, but this is when something like G.I. Joe would come in handy. Think about it; an international army/special forces group that takes out dictators and resists extremists without the mountain of red tape. Oh well. That's it, and I roll the soap box away once more. May God continue to be with the people of Syria, and may they find peace, freedom and justice.

Monday, January 2, 2012


It was a rather blah day. Work went well, aside from an SED threatening and shouting that he wanted to kill me and that I'd regret one day what I was doing to him, which was me essentially asking him to go to his room. The rest of work was uneventful. Now I am going to go to sleep and for the next three days off enjoy myself, and attempt to get some writing done since I haven't done any for quite some time...at least that is what it seems like.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The First Day of 2012.

I started off the New Year in two really good ways. First I went to church, and second I watched Star Wars with the SED's at work. I went to church with a friend of mine, and it was good; a little like the Baptist churches of my youth, but with extremely friendly people and a pastor/teacher that can preach quite well. All in all I had a good time. Work went quite well, although I was tired throughout it, but for the most part the SED's behaved well despite them having several tantrums throughout the shift. Oh well, that is why I work there after all; it can't be a complete breeze. I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrating, and would like to reiterate that I hope everyone will have a great year. I would like to also remind everyone that the people of Syria need to be on everyone's hearts and minds these days as they fight for their liberty and freedom from the tyrannical forces that are butchering them and attempting to silence their efforts. I will go into that issue more on Tuesday; hopefully the governments of the world will do by then instead of merely just launching words at President Assad. Oh one things that doesn't have to do with anything, except the year "2012." I had this dream last night that these large rocks were falling out of the sky and pummeling the house I was in while in the attic. I ran outside with some members of my family and took shelter under a tree (I know that doesn't make any sense). Large rocks, some on fire some not, were falling from the sky and smashing everything in sight. While that was happening I was trying to persuade myself that what was happening wasn't real and to wake up, which I eventually did but into another dream. After that dream I sort of forced myself to wake up into this reality, and yeah that was the first weird dream of the night. All of that by the way felt so real that in the dream I thought that it was real. Thank goodness none of that actually happened today.