Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree Chopping.

20 Days Until Christmas!

So my sister, brother in-law, nephew and I went to cut down a Christmas tree today. I got to play family photographer, which was fun even though my fingers got quite chilly. We got a lovely tree and it simply beams standing in the living room, but it will glow even more when it is completely decorated. My sister and I also did a little shopping which considering the time of the month, wasn't too bad with people and all. We also watched two things of interesting note. The first thing was a 2 hour special on food, weight loss, and how food in America is engineered for people to become addicted, or rather dependent on it by the manufacturers. It was filled with some fascinating statistics and ideas, and some information that wasn't as good....some of the people on the show were a little too "green" and homeopathic for me. Basically what people should carry away is don't over eat, exercise, and eat plenty of vegetables as close to the original source as you can (juicing is apparently a good thing). The next thing we watching was an episode of the show "Revenge" which stars Emily VanCamp and I have to admit that although it's kind of fluffy, it is positively delicious to watch. Cold, calculating, and well played; so far Miss VanCamp plays her character like a fine violin. We shall what the rest of the season is like. Now I am going to jump topics 360 degrees. I turned to the MSN homepage and the first thing that caught my eye was that Syria is loading chemical weapons in preparation to fire them on their own people. Assad's military is basically waiting for their president to give the word to attack. President Bashar al Assad's regime has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world apparently, which the bulk is made up of cyanide, sarin, and mustard gas; all highly lethal, and a little goes along way. The U.S. President and his cabinet are all words, but so is the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and the rest of the world doesn't seem to care. I don't know about all of you, but the more I think about the Syrian people being massacred in such a horrible way, the angrier it gets me when the American government is doing nothing about it nor the rest of the world. Oh by the way, not to get partisan here, but Nancy Pelosi (U.S. Congressional Minority Leader) and I believe John Kerry (U.S. Senator & ran for U.S. President) all said that Bashar al Assad was a "reformer." If Assad uses those weapons on the Syrian people and nothing is done to stop him, I have to admit that I will become quite furious. I cannot control or speak for any government in the world but my own, and I am distressed and disgusted by the lack of action by the U.S. government, and I am not pleased with how President Obama has handled the situation, or any other member of his cabinet for that matter. America stands for everyone's freedom and human rights, not just our own. How far we have fallen if we just watch as thousands of people get massacred while we stand with our backs turned and pretend that there was nothing we could do to help. I wonder how that excuse will echo throughout eternity? Alright, I am climbing off of my soapbox, but the people in Syria really need our thoughts and prayers so I urge everyone to pray or whatever that such killing will not occur. Now I am going to try and transition to a happier topic. Christmas films! So for today I am choosing Mickey's Christmas Carol. Of all the versions of this story, the Disney version is what I grew up watching as a kid. Every time that my family would go to my grandparent's house around the holidays, we would watch it. Very delightful memories. I still love that film, and I still will recommend it for forever for everyone to watch. Humor, music, and excellent themes to remember for all seasons and times I love this film and this story and it will forever remain a classic.

Mickey's Christmas Carol Trailer

Revenge Trailer

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