Tuesday, December 18, 2012


7 Days Until Christmas.

Well today was one of those days. I got a whole lot of nothing done, yet I did get some writing done at least. I've been finding it difficult to focus in writing lately for whatever reason; I think it might have something to do with my lack of consistent schedule. Anyways. My nephew had his Christmas program this past evening and did quite well. The entire children's choir did actually very well, and several of the children really, really got into it. It was surprisingly delightful...minus the screaming, and irritating child that was sitting in front of me and the rest of my family. So today's Christmas film isn't a true Christmas film in that it talks about the topic of the season, but it does have snow and a lot skiing, and it's a Disney film....so I put it up. My family when I was growing up used to watch Snowball Express. It's about a family that moves to Silver Hills, Colorado from the city to run a ski lodge that is apparently supposed to make a lot of money. However, when they arrive there it resembles more of a run down shack than anything else. I certainly give it a thumbs up to watch this season with your family, or just yourself. There you have it. Everyone have a good week.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness latest trailer

Snowball Express clip

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