Friday, December 14, 2012

The Red Balloon.

11 Days Until Christmas.

A tragedy occurred today in the state of Connecticut. May God be with those children who survived, and the families of those whose loved ones were stolen from them. After today their lives will never be the same; may all involved grieve and make peace. Now let's put that incident in perspective against the backdrop of the Syrian Civil War, where over 40,000 people have died (mostly civilians, including women and children) where is the anger and tears over the murder from the Assad regime, and why isn't President Obama putting all available resources together to remove that man from power? Americans have a tendency to get worked up over little tragedies that happen in their backyard, but when atrocities are committed across the globe, the average American doesn't give a second glance. If it is true that many people in the world hate Americans, or think very little of us, I wonder if there is a connection here between how we view American life versus life elsewhere in the world? Food for thought. So today's Christmas film is Mrs. Santa Claus which stars Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Claus. It's a very trite film, with some lovely musical numbers, and an interesting story set in the early 1900's. It's been a long time since I've seen it, but it was amusing and Christmas like enough to be memorable, particularly one of the songs has stuck with me over the many years. I tried to find film posters for two other films, but I was unable which was quite vexing. Oh well. I actually achieved some writing today thank goodness after such a long dry spell. I'm going to try and get some more done tomorrow, but who knows. Well goodnight everyone, and remember how truly important each family member is; one day they may be right next to you yelling, screaming, or laughing, and the next day you could be looking down at them in a coffin.

It's Only Has to Last Til Christmas song from "Mrs. Claus" (this is the one that's stuck with me over the years).

Blu-ray trailer for Willow (I love this film!)

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