Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Reckoning.

21 Days Until Christmas.

What a lovely day it was. I got a good amount of play and then I got quite a bit of work done on my short story, which has finally gotten to the point where things are beginning to pick up at last. Hopefully I will be posting it sometime this week on my website if I can just stick with it. So next up on the Christmas film list for this month is The Bishop's Wife. This film was released back in 1947 and starred Cary Grant and David Niven. It is a remarkable Christmas story with remarkable actors and actresses and therefore a remarkable film. It has humor, romance, and a real beautiful story that can truly touch the human heart...or at least perhaps the average human heart. Granted they updated the story with The Preacher's Wife which has Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston in it and it was good and I enjoyed it, but nothing compares with the original. So there you have it, and I do recommend it as a film to watch whenever and even with your family for the holidays. So there it is, oh and I watched most of The Dark Knight Rises, but didn't get to finish it because it got pretty late, but it's still as good as when I saw it in the theatre. Hans Zimmer really did a fantastic job with the music the more I hear it; hopefully he'll get an Oscar nomination and a win. He really deserves it. The extras on the Blu-ray aren't too bad either by the way, so if you like film stuff then you'll really enjoy owning the film in that format. Hope that the week is going well for all of you and continues to go well. Goodnight.

The Bishop's Wife Trailer

Bane and Batman's 1st Fight

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