Monday, December 24, 2012

One With the Yuletide!

Christmas Eve.

Throwing tradition to the wind, my family and I celebrated Christmas today. So yes early this morning we were opening and sharing presents. It was a lot of fun, especially to watch my nephew as he ripped the wrapping paper off his presents with such an intense passion. The rest of the day was filled with preparations for the evening meal, and lots and lots of napping. I lost count how many times I took pseudo naps here and there; I sprawled out in front of the fireplace--it was nice and warm, although the hardwood floor felt mildly uncomfortable for my rather bony frame. I didn't get around to editing that blasted short story, but I was able to write the film review for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey thankfully and get quite a bit of laundry done as well. I found this one website which has a bunch of the original fairy tales and other such stories-- There's all kinds of fictional fun to be found there, and it's "kid friendly" as well from the looks of it. I read up on The Sleeping Beauty, and The Wicked Prince--which is quite a fascinating story, something worth adapting; I believe it was written by Hans Christian Anderson. Dinner was fantastic (I cooked the ham which was delicious) and then afterwards when everything was cleaned up we watched Ernest Saves Christmas while we played "Ireland-Opoly" which is a board game like the traditional Monopoly, except it was Irish themed, which was cool. I had really terrible luck, and I even had to dance an Irish jig to amuse all of the was rather a rather pathetic jig too I might add. It was a lot of fun, and now we all will turn in soon and sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. The final Christmas filmed I already mentioned as being Ernest Saves Christmas. Traditionally we have always watched it on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. I love this film, and it is perhaps my most favorite Christmas themed film of all time. Despite the fact that it is severely date, I love this film and recommend it to all people. Jim Varney as Ernest is at his greatest and best in this film, although in Ernest Rides Again he delivers my own personal favorite performance. Well Merry Christmas everyone; good and pleasant tiding to all...the people of our world really need them.

Ernest Saves Christmas clip 1

Ernest Saves Christmas clip 2

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