Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Apocalypse for Another.

If we aren't having one apocalypse,we're having another...that is if you live in the United States. With the fiscal cliff in sight, the government is hurrying somewhat to get something in place so that there is not another recession or God knows what else could happen. I did however finish editing and posting my own apocalyptic piece of work Twilight of Night, which is not related whatsoever in any form or shape to the popular, teenage vampire saga. It's about a man surviving after an event of sorts occurs thereby leaving him the only person in a city, and after fifteen years and living that way be begins to want to know more about existence outside of his area of protection. I really enjoyed this short story; there is a lot of potential here for something else. A word of caution though, it isn't for children at all. When I wrote it, I tried to imagine a certain type of person, and what that person would do if he were alone for fifteen years in a metropolis. I think I did fairly were in capturing what that would look like, at least for one type of person. It was a lot of fun to write, once I sat down and got going. No I need to try something else, and I'm thinking...political thriller, which will fit most excellently considering the current climate in the United States. I'm having Samsung try to fix my surround system, so hopefully they can inform me what in the world is wrong with my unit, and if not they better replace it. As it stands, televisions are the only Samsung product besides cellphones that I would recommend purchasing; stay away from everything else, and only purchase major electronics from actual electronic stores (at least that has been my experience). Well there it is. Have an excellent night and day tomorrow everyone, and please keep the people of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq in your thoughts.

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