Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Blood Again!

It wasn't much of a day. I drove my father to Chicago so he can fly out tomorrow for Columbia, which between driving there and back took a great chunk of time. It was my first time driving in the area, and honestly it wasn't as bad or intimidating as I thought that it would be. It was similar to driving in San Diego, except colder and with snow. One bloody thing that annoys me to no end is all of the tolls that you have to pay to and from Chicago; I mean for Pete's sake, you pay a fortune just to drive on a road (for which you pay taxes for) and then you repeat the process over and over again each time you go there, and tolls are everywhere in that city from what I could see. Illinois is one of the only states I've driven in that really has any significant tolls. Granted, it's not we're dolling out fortunes here in cash, but it adds up very quickly, especially when you don't have that much money to begin with. Anyways. So I am finally getting back to Dexter and am just beginning season 6, which looks very promising so far. I've heard a lot about season 7, so we'll see what lies ahead for our dark hero. Yes I know I am behind, but hey, these DVD's take forever to become available on Netflix, and I don't have Showtime so...I have to make do. Anywho. Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and I hope that all Americans are ready to go over the so called fiscal cliff, because it looks like it is going to happen. Should be interesting to see what happens when we "crash" according to the popular lingo.

Dexter Season 6 trailer

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