Monday, December 10, 2012

In One Month.....!

15 Days Until Christmas.

So one month from today I will reach the big 27! Yep I will be another year older come January 10th. Personally I could care less about aging, but one of the things that annoys me is the fact that I need to wear corrective lenses almost all of the time, either that or squint and give myself a headache. So today was relatively blah, which was kind of like the weather, but far better than yesterday. I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to, but I am beginning to accept that as part of my....daily routine for now? Anyways. The Christmas film for today is It's a Wonderful Life. When I was a young kid I actually despised this film because I thought that it was boring, and I really haven't seen it since then, aside from a few snippets here and there. James Stewart is one of the finest American actors ever to grace the screen, especially in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and his performance in this film is no less amazing. Another reason why I like this film/story so much is that in high school I performed in this play as the villain Mr. Potter (of course). That was so much fun, especially since I got to be pushed around in a wheelchair and bark at people, like I was also able to do as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (that was even more fun). It's a great Christmas classic, and an excellent family film whether it be younger or older individuals. It's a shame good Christmas films aren't made anymore; it's all about romance and stupid humor. Someone needs to make another good drama that revolves around a plot during Christmas....or is that not politically correct anymore here in America? Well, regardless have a lovely weekend. Didn't see anything weighty in the news that was fresh, but Syria is still a mess, and so far no chemical weapons have been unleashed, so keep praying and hoping.

It's A Wonderful Life Trailer

After Earth Trailer (looks...mildly entertaining, but we'll see; not sure about the premise).

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