Friday, December 28, 2012

He's Back!

It was just another one of those normal days where not much happens. I did some more writing for my expanded universe for A Warrior's Tale. I actually sat down and wrote out the entire ruling lineage for the entire Kingdom of Caroth-Nor going all the way back to Kael at the beginning to King Ubisar II who is the current ruler in my trilogy. I think I totaled about 135 rulers, each reigning an average of about 70 years, which worked out perfectly for my time scale. Now I just have to come up with little story vignettes for all of them, along with some details pertaining to each of their rule. Then I have to do the same thing for Kargon, the Omites, Kestria, and then Kuran (the latter two become more important in books 2 and 3). Then I have to do something similar for the Watcher Order, the Mystic Order, both armies, the Elite Guard, and other little tidbits here and there. It's going to take a long time, but I will get there. And along the way I will be finishing up book 2 and working on book 3....which seems like it will be taking quite a bit of time. Anyways. Didn't get an opportunity (or rather didn't remember) to check the news, so hopefully nothing terribly catastrophic happened today or yesterday. I watched The Expendables 2 with my sister and brother in-law this evening, and boy was that a lot of fun. I personally think that weaponry of any kind is cool; whether it be melee, ranged, automatic, futuristic, fictional, or explosive. I can't honestly explain it, but using weapons is something I find to be rather enjoyable. It is such a fantastic way to release stress and anger while also learning about control, respect, responsibility, and measuring it all with intelligence. The film was lovely. Pure action with the same cast as before, yet with more cameos and surprises along the way. I enjoyed it more than the previous film, and thought that it was crafted with finer skill. Granted it was pure action, with rather wooden dialog, except for Liam Hemsworth who was a breath of fresh air as a character. The action was the main attraction though, and it doesn't disappoint. I'm giving the film an "Admirable Ability", because although it was a ton of fun, it also didn't have much else to offer aside from all of that. By the way, if you hate guns and support gun control I would suggest not watching the film. Have an excellent weekend everyone.

Expendables 2 Trailer

Expendables 2 Clip

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