Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do Not Contend.

16 More Days Until Christmas!

So I was reading the Tao Te Ching, The Art of War, and The Prince this evening because I was attempting to make meaning out of something and...cope (for lack of a more precise term) when I came across Laozi's little bits of wisdom about not contending. I haven't a clue honestly what the man is really talking about, but from what I can understand of the book's words and from what I can remember from my World Religions' class in college I believe I get a part of the meaning. The more one contends against anything, the more stress  one creates and the more anxiety one possesses. At least I think that is what it at least hints at. That idea, that word stuck out to me because how many of us actually create more problems by fighting against something when we should let it go and let it alone and let time flow as it may. I guess that sounds very "New Age" like, but the basic principle if I understand it correctly is just to go with the flow and don't let much ruffle your feathers, so to speak. Anyways. It was a rather dull day on my part. I think it was the rainy, cold, and cloudy weather that was getting me in the downs, which is odd because it usually has the opposite effect on me. I watched this film starring Freddie Highmore called The Art of Getting By, which is a short Indie film about a young man near high school graduation that has a....well blah perspective on life I guess you could say. The idea is that he just does enough to get by, but even then he isn't very good at it. There's also a love story that is..mildly interesting, but then again that's how I would describe the film in general. It had a great idea for a story, reasonably good characters, and some excellent talent. Yet it didn't come together as well as it could have. Freddie Highmore did very well, but it was obvious that he is an inexperienced actor, but he is getting better. In a few years he should be quite good, just like Daniel Radcliffe. So today's Christmas film is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was last year I think that I saw this film for the first time, and I have to admit that I loved it aside from a few songs and the fact that it is stop motion animation, which I do not typically prefer, but whenever Tim Burton is involved in a film like that it seems to come out good. Hope that makes sense, not sure if it does to me. Well I hope everyone had a reasonably pleasant weekend, and will have a lovely week, and keep the people of Syria in your thoughts.

The Art of Getting By Trailer

Nightmare Before Christmas Intro

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