Monday, December 3, 2012

A Line Drawn.

22 Days Until Christmas!

All of you, or rather the average reader of my posts knows that I like to speak my thoughts on freedom, and those who champion and fight for it. I talked a lot about Libya, but I have spoken more on Syria, and the people there fighting against a murderous and oppressive government. I was perusing the news topics of the day and found that President Obama and his cabinet have finally drawn a line in the sand. The President warned that "if" Assad uses chemical weapons against his people that were will be "consequences." order for the United States to step in and stop the killing that Assad and his forces are wreaking on their own people, more killing on an unthinkable level must be committed. Fascinating, isn't it. What do you think? What will history think 20 years from now if that is indeed the case? Better yet, what will the Syrian people think 20 years from now if chemical weapons are used on them and the whole world just watched as it happened? I personally believe a more active role by NATO should be taken as it was in Libya, and not only should CIA agents be....doing their thing, but strategic bombing of Assad's military complexes, forces, and other such installations should be targeted to safeguard the Syrian people and help rid the world of a vicious dictator. Americans have always helped others regardless of where they are, but I guess the average American spirit is beginning to get more....selfish and is therefore being reflected in our political leaders regardless of party lines. Sad anecdotes; oh well. So today wasn't productive in a manner of speaking, but I did have a fantastic conversation with a gentleman from a graduate school in Chicago that I am looking into, and it is very, very promising. A growing part of me is now aiming to get into the I-O psychology program that this school possesses, and then carry on with i (if I get in) and mold my desires for politics, writing and psychology for my future lifetime career. It is another day closer to Christmas, and today for the next Christmas film that I've seen I am selecting Miracle on 34th Street. I am referring to the version that has Maureen O"Hara in it back in 1947, the best version of them all. Such a great film with excellent drama and excellent humor; I highly recommend that film, and don't let the fact that it is in black & white bother you or your children. Excellent films transcend such technical elements.

Miracle on 34th Street Trailer (it certainly is a very....unique film trailer).

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