Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4 Days of 2012.

Well Christmas season is now over. There are essentially four more days remaining of 2012, and then it will be a new year. I personally hope that it will be a better year than this past year, even though I will be freezing and drowning in snow. I did quite a bit of work today on my Warrior's Tale expanded universe, but I have a long ways to go before I reach the immensity that I am aiming for. Kind of like on a Tolkien/Lord of the Rings scale, except bigger more detailed, if that is possible. I do not think though that I will be able to create my own language; that I am leaving for a different story and series of books one day in the distant future. I love writing all of this additional information for my overall story. Granted, much of it might never be used, but just constructing that background can make the overall content so much richer, and if it becomes popular, well I have all of this extra stuff...just like George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien. I have to dream big, otherwise I'd never get anywhere. Once again, I put off editing that short story that I finished days ago; I just wasn't in the mood and I didn't have the motivation to force myself to edit it. I suppose I will try again tomorrow. Us writers; we are a rather ridiculous bunch....or at least I am; got to be careful not to insult any party/individuals online again. Other than that, it was a fairly typical day; nothing exciting, and all too much boring. I think I can live with that for now. The world seems to yet still remain a mess as political problems in Iraq and Egypt continue to mount, and as the civil war in Syria continues. Best of luck to all of those people fighting for equal freedom and rights. God be with them and all of us as we begin to wind down this year.

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