Wednesday, December 12, 2012


13 Days Until Christmas.

I'm not much for numbers and trying to figure out any significant or mystical meaning behind various combinations and algorithms, but every now and then something with numbers that is cool occurs. As I titled this post, today was the twelfth day, of the twelfth month, in the twelfth year of the 21st century (which if you switch would also be twelve; very fascinating don't you think). Apparently there is all of this talk of doomsday and that all hell is going to be unleashed in about nine days or so. The funny thing about that is, last year I went to work on the very day that something apocalyptic was supposed to happen and I didn't even realize it until someone at work told me; I guess I didn't miss out on much. Well the Christmas film for today is Home Alone. Now I didn't grow up watching this movie, and I didn't see it until maybe a few years or so ago. It was humorous, and of course John Williams' music was the highlight of the entire cinematic experience for me. I think like several Christmas films they tend to be part of growing up experiences for many, and if you didn't see it at a specific age then you are less likely to watch it more than once...if that makes any sense. Like me for example, I love Ernest Saves Christmas which is something straight out of the mid 1990's, and my family for many years made a tradition out of watching it every Christmas Eve. There are many people though that would watch that today and either not get it, nor want to watch because it is so dated. What a tangent that was. Anyways. The week seems to be going well, now let's hope for a good finish. Good luck to you last minute Christmas shoppers.

Home Alone Trailer

"Somewhere in my Memory" by John Williams

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