Friday, November 16, 2012

When the Sky Falls.

Well today was kind of a nothing day. I did manage to write my film review for Skyfall, but aside from that I didn't get any writing done. I'm going to start writing a science fiction short story tomorrow hopefully if I can find the time, and I also have a few other writing projects I need to begin working on. There is much to do, and I need to get off my lazy backside and begin working on them. So the only really interesting stuff was in the news, but beware it is rather depressing. Civil war in Syria, where the rebels believe the West has abandoned them (actually stated from an opposition general in the Free Syrian Army). The rebels appear entrenched to a degree from what I can tell, but Assad is continuing to kill civilians as the rebels plea for help to protect themselves and their people. Oh, and Iran could be two months (give or take) from what I saw on a BBC news report from obtaining a nuclear weapon or capability. That should be an interesting showdown with the U.S. and Israel. For a pop culture anecdote, the baking company Hostess declared bankruptcy and began selling off all of its assets because of strikes from the workers, who were....whining about getting paid less and other suchs benefits. Except now, they aren't going to get paid anything; kind of ironic don't you think, and Twinkies will not be made again, unless the trade secrets are sold to another company. The U.S. military is going through an ethics firestorm; so now, which general will fall next? I wonder what China, North Korea, and Iran think of what's going on with retired General Petraeus and General Allen? To have one's most powerful political adversaries laugh at you from the shadows while all of the onlookers gaze on with uncertainty or fear. Oh yeah, the U.S. is definitely getting better. Hopefully everyone noted the intense sarcasm right there. Do I think and believe that my own country is on the decline morally, fiscally, and internationally. Yes without a doubt, and I don't know what can be done about it. Perhaps you could compare it to Rome's decline. A severe shake up in Federal government could be the only way to get that mess fixed up, and a civil war could weed out all of the....maladaptive ideals that pose a threat to the wellness of the local community, and the right for people to govern themselves on that level without interference from the federal government. There's my soap box for today. Hopefully American people think with their minds and use wisdom, instead of thinking with stupidity and using their emotions to govern the future of this great American nation. Have a good night/day.

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