Sunday, November 25, 2012

Walking In Memory Lane.

How many of you think about Kindergarten, or rather when you were in that grade? Well, it may seem odd but those are some of my fondest young school memories. I went to Hammond Baptist Grade School back in 1991-1992 before moving up to Wisconsin and being home-schooled for a couple of years. I had a fantastic teacher and fun classmates, at least for the most part from what I can remember. They really taught me my excellent reading skills. There were popular people, charming people, "boyfriends" & "girlfriends," and the kid that always seemed to get into trouble. I actually still have my kindergarten graduation on VHS where I was captain of the color guards (not sure if I mentioned that on the blog yet); that was a very cool experience. Lots of good, positive memories. That was when I was first outgoing a lot before becoming shy. Anyways I was perusing on Facebook and found a few of the old classmates, and even my teacher. That was very interesting to see some of them, and to see what they look like. I wonder if any of them remember me? You know how sometimes you write and say things that you regret. Then there are times when people poke their nose into your business and try to tell you that you should regret something that you've written or said. All of that to simply say that life is uniquely complicated, and that there is always an alternate point of view to every single thing and issue. Watched Fantasia and some good ideas for stories crossed my mind. That's one of the reasons I liked Disney films so much, and even animated films and televisions so much; so much creativity goes into creating those shows, that when someone like me watches them I cannot help but use what I see to fuel my imagination. Well this is the last week of November, so enjoy. Soon it will be 2013.

A Night on Bald Mountain 
One of my favorite segments from Walt Disney's Fantasia

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