Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Yuck. I feel sick right now as mucus slowly seeps down my throat, and I am tired and sleepy at the same time. I swear if I get miserably sick right before my sister's wedding this Saturday I am going to become an atheist. Seriously, all of this bad timing, bad luck, and wrong circumstances that just keep getting wrong is quite vexing. The day didn't start out that way though. First, I checked up on the election results just in case anything changed, which it hadn't. Then I started to help my sister with many of the chores and other various things that she needed to get on leading up to her wedding. Honestly, I'm kind of blanking out on some of the day. At one point I took a large whole pumpkin, cut it, removed the guts and baked it for a few hours. Then I took the softened flesh and after I whirled it around in the food processor for a few seconds added it to some other ingredients and made some pumpkin bread. I haven't tasted it yet, it looks like it will be very delicious. My future brother in-law brought over his Playstation 3 console along with his games, one of which was The Force Unleashed and since it had been many years since I last attempted to play the game, so I thought that I would be a little nostalgic in my down time. I played for a bit and much of it came back to me; definitely is a great way for me to cope thought, but who knows how much time I will have to play it, not that it really matters anyways I suppose. Right now my sister's house is a buzz as everyone prepares for the wedding, and the household will grow three-fold tomorrow so we shall how that goes. Hopefully I will feel immediately better tomorrow, if not.....then life is going to really suck for another spell. Good night, and good mental health as a famous Seattle psychiatrist would say.

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