Sunday, November 4, 2012

Training A Dragon.

So hopefully most of you (where it was necessary) remembered to flip the clocks back one hour, because I pretty much forgot. Fortunately though I didn't need to be anywhere in the morning so it was okay. So yesterday I watched "Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall" back from 2011; it was a live performance of the famed musical. Wow! It was fantastic, although I would have done a few things differently myself. I love that musical, particularly live....or rather I would love to see in person. Someday when I get my life back together. But going back to today, not much happened. I hung out with my nephew and other family members and did some baking. I know, I live the exciting life. How I long for San Diego. Do to popular vote, we watched How to Train Your Dragon which I had never seen before. At my previous place of employment it was very well liked amongst the children, but I never saw it. I liked it. Jay Baruchel was a lot of fun and I liked Toothless the dragon as well. It had a good story, excellent music by John Powell. I think I'll give it a "Strong Ability," and do recommend it to people to watch regardless of it being animated or a child's film. Sometimes those are the best kind, but not always. In about 2 1/2 hours it will be November 5th or Guy Fawkes Day. Just don't blow up any buildings with people in them, or do anything illegal that has the potential to harm or kill any people or life of any kind (I'm writing this just in case), but please do celebrate what the 5th means. People have the right to overthrow a government when that government no longer serves the best interests of the population it governs. So remember a man, but rather more remember what he stood for, and that sometimes people need more than buildings.

How To Train Your Dragon Trailer

Phantom of the Opera Trailer

Phantom of the Opera "Masquerade"

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