Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Emperor Is Dead.

What did I do today? It is so easy for time to slip through my fingers these days. Well, I slept in for a bit and then watched a little bit of 24 which my brother in-law was watching (I got immediately hooked), and then I was doing stuff on my computer for a bit before I sat down and watched Part 2 of Napoleon, which was an original mini-series by A&E. The biography that I read on the famous general didn't go over his entire life, so I have no idea if the way the man was depicted in the show was done correctly or not. He was often portrayed as the hero who is always being undermined and forced to go to war, rather than choosing to go to war. I would like to believe that Napoleon Bonaparte was chivalrous and honorable, but I doubt that he entirely was, although I'm a part of him was. How big that was, I am unaware at the moment. It was an excellent show though, and I enjoyed the 2nd part more than the first. The French people have such an interesting history; built on by so much blood by the early Franks (Clovis I), 100 Years War, the French Revolution, The Napoleonic Wars, WWI, and WWII. I suppose many of the European countries are that way with their history such as Britain and Espana. Before I go yacking on endlessly about Dark Age European history, I will stop. My sister and I watched this CNBC special on obesity in the United States, and according to statistics released in 2010, 1 in 3 American children are obese. WOW! That is ridiculous. I won't get into the causal factors of this problem, but I believe there are deeper psychological underpinnings then what is being propagated by the government, drug companies, doctors, researchers, and health advocates. I know a number of people who self-medicate by eating; some are adults, and some are children. Some bodies process food better than others; some people gain weight easier, some people struggle to gain and keep weight (like me). Hopefully people become more responsible concerning this obese epidemic before the U.S. government begins taking matters into their own hands by restricting American's diet themselves and imposing new rules and regulations on what people can and cannot eat. The easiest way for Americans to lose free in this regard would be for the government to begin controlling what children eat, and taking away children from families who the government would state are endangering the welfare of their children's lives by not feeding them properly. According to statistics, by 2018 or so 48% of Americans will either be obese or overweight. I have a feeling what Mayor Bloomberg did in New York city will be just the beginning of government interference in American citizens' private lives and personal choices. Ciao.

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