Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Fictional Science.

So the world of news continues to remain bleak as the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis continues to escalate, and as the Free Syrian Army continues to push through Assad's forces in the civil war over there. The U.S. stock market remains bleak and the economic forecast seems to be all doom and gloom, so I don't understand how things will be getting any better because of November 6th, but we shall see. In other news, San Francisco banned public nudity. Apparently people over there need to be reminded that nudity is something that should be a private matter, not something you should be parading about. I sat down to write my science fiction short story and did quite well, although I didn't get as much of it done as I should have, but it's looking really good so far. I'm attempting to try something new in how I am writing this story, so hopefully it will work just fine. Spent some time with my nephew watching The Frog Prince which was an old childhood favorite of mine; it's always fun to see a film through the eyes of a child, especially one you actually grew up watching. Well there it is; nothing extraordinary happened and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so I hope that everyone has an excellent holiday.

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