Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Congeniality.

So today was relatively busy and filled with some success. Now I didn't finish my most recent short story, but I made some real good progress. I will reveal that it is essentially an epic disaster story, but that's all for now. It's a little.....odd, and certainly for adults, but I keep trying to push my boundaries with story, characters, and settings so I can keep things fresh and new instead of writing the same old thing which if you've been watching films for any length of time can see that it is really easy to do. I also did some work on a top secret project of mine, which is coming along slower than I thought, but it will be really good when I am finished with it. My brother in-law and I watched some more of 24 the show, or rather he was watching it and I was passing through and then I remained...for a few episodes. I have to admit that so far it is compelling, interesting, addictive, and the villains really act like it thank goodness; I was actually amazed how evil and debauched the writers made the villains. It was lovely. It also seems to have a great cast. Later on my sister, brother in-law and I watched Miss Congeniality which was a blast of course. Sandra Bullock can pull off humor like no other, yet she can also do the drama as well. I was reading and watching the news and came across some interesting tidbits and reports. There was a number of reports on psychopathy, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and how these two disorders manifest themselves in humans. There was a lot to pour over and read, so I won't go into much, but let's just say that psychopathology and neuroscience are highly complex when put together. Lack of empathy, violence, and flat affect are some of the hard hitters that if you possess none of these the odds are you could have the potential to be quite dangerous. I also read that several successful people can possess psychopathic tendencies and go on to become CEO's, special forces soldiers and so on and so forth. I read it on BBC news, so you can go there if you want to read more about it. As for world news, Syrian Rebels seem to be heavily contending against Assad's forces, and did you know that homosexual acts are prohibited and punishable by life in prison in Uganda. Hopefully President Morsi of Egypt learns from George Washington and doesn't let power get to his head. The world is an ugly place, and seems to be getting uglier. Americans are lucky that we live in a bubble away from most of the crap that happens in the least we do for now. Well, enough doom and gloom for now. Have a most excellent night everyone.

Now You See Me Trailer (it looks quite good actually).

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