Monday, November 12, 2012

Silence! I Kill You!

So right now I am freezing out here in Wisconsin visiting my father. Wind and snow, wow! I had forgotten how cold a north wind was capable of being, especially when you add in snow and no sunshine whatsoever. Yesterday is a little bit of a blur, but the last of the wedding stuff was wrapped up yesterday as the family and bridal party had a brunch which turned out to be quite fabulous. After that I...well....did stuff and then my father and I drove back to his home in the middle of God forsaken Wisconsin in the pouring rain with the windshield wipers on my care that aren't worth crap; that was fun, and it was in the dark. Today we acquired some parts to fix my car, or rather to perform some usual vehicle maintenance like brake pads, windshield wipers, and spark plugs which we shall be putting together tomorrow. We had to clean out his rather cluttered and messy garage to make room for my car so I got the delightful task of burning all of the trash, and I am not being sarcastic. Yep, here in Wisconsin we burn our own trash when we live out in the country. I used to do it all of the time years ago; I am actually a professional least that is what my sisters and mother called me. Not certain if they meant it in a complimentary way or not, but I do like watching things burn and burning things. Who knows why. Weird yes, but oh so much fun. I was hoping to go shooting today, but that will have to take place tomorrow after my car has been worked on. My father and I watched The Amazing Spider-Man after having seen it many months ago in the theatre, and I have to admit that I still enjoyed as much as the first time I saw and am looking forward to seeing them continue the series with Andrew Garfield. Apparently the rumor mill suggests that Electro will be the next villain played by Jamie Fox I believe. That could be really good, or really bad. We shall see. I have really got to stop blogging so late at night; it's getting rather ridiculous and this cold isn't going away, so it would seem that sleep is in order so goodnight and good luck. Oh and as to the title, my father wanted me to watch a few comedy segments of Jeff Dunham (I think his name was) and one of them was this skeleton called Achmed who was supposed a dead terrorist. This man's comedy routine seems to revolve around ventriloquy, and I have to admit that although I was very skeptical at first, I was rolling in laughter in the end. Even though it could easily be construed as being ethnocentric or racist, the routine was quite hilarious. Anyways; there you have. Ciao!

Amazing Spider-Man Documentary

Jeff Dunham & Achmed the Terrorist.

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