Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revolutions and Princes.

So today was semi-productive. I watched what was essentially part one of a film, which was actually an epic mini-series, called Napoleon produced by A&E. I saw most of it many, many years ago but never the whole entire thing. It is a mini-series based on a part of Napoleon Bonaparte's life. From a commoner on the island on Corsica, to becoming the most powerful man in Europe, he went from literally nothing to everything. However, he worked very hard to get where he was, and he made a lot of sacrifices and made a lot of mistakes to ultimately acquire his mantle of power. Christian Clavier plays Napoleon, and he is just fantastic as the general to be emperor. Isabella Rossellini is the empress Josephine, and wow she is awesome. She is so talented and beautiful; it really sucks that she isn't in more films unfortunately. Gerard Depardieu played the police chief for France, and although his character hasn't done too much, an actor of his caliber is always great to have around on a film. John Malkovich as Charles Talleyrand was exquisitely delicious, and definitely worth watching; his character is very similar to Machiavelli. After reading a biography of Napoleon it was interesting to see what they got right and what they didn't. Several things were done correctly, but there were also some that were not. All in all so far the first part was pretty entertaining and good for the level of production it experienced. I went through some of the edits that my editor for book 2 of my trilogy had made and so far so good, so we're going to keep forward with all of that and see how long it takes to get to a finished manuscript. I also did a little reading of "The Prince" and "The Art of War" and then the evening winded down and that's about it. We'll see about tomorrow.

Scene from Napoleon

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