Friday, November 30, 2012

Is Something Falling?

Yeah I know my play on words is a little lame, but as a title it works I suppose. Of the limited amount of things I did today, I wrote a review on Thomas Newman's score for Skyfall. Just to let you know right off the bat, I thought it was boring and it received a very low stamp rating from me. David Arnold could at least compose decent James Bond music, because let's face it; music from that series of films isn't really known for excellent film music. Hopefully most can agree with me on that. I would like to say that I finished my short story, but I instead worked on a different project which continues to shape up well, but took a lot longer than I expected. I might be changing my mind in regards to graduate school, in what area of psychology I may be studying, but who knows. I've changed my mind so much for so many different reasons too numerous to count for what  I want to study within the realm of psychology (and yes there is more to this field than just Freud, counseling, and psychiatry). I watched a lot of news items, and I have to admit that the world keeps getting more screwed up with each passing day. The more I know about what's going on in the world, the less rosy life looks. Imagine in today's culture in your country (especially if you're a Western developed nation) if for one day all of the laws were null and void, what that day would look like. I personally would want to be in the middle of an ocean on that day. Human's are the same as they were when Rome was at its height; gladiators and persecutions alike. The only thing that makes us different are stringent laws and regulations. The nations that are unable to strictly enforce their laws have a higher rate of violence. All of this to say that I do not believe humanity is getting better, reaching for the evolutionary epitome of perfection that Gene Roddenberry spoke of in Star Trek. Sheesh! That's depressing to think of all of that. On a lighter note,  Hostess Twinkies may survive and thrive to feed more generations with their....delectable goodness?

Scoring Skyfall

Skyfall Score Selections

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