Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween!

Despite being a day late, I hope that everyone's Halloween was a pleasant one. I went trick or treating with my sister and nephew who was dressed as The Riddler from Batman. I thought it was rather amusing how many people mistook him for The Joker or didn't even have a clue who he was. I have to admit that after that sun went down it got really cold. It's amazing how quickly one can forget how cold it gets out here at this time of year, and this is just the beginning. I've been thinking a lot about Disney's acquisition of Star Wars and company, and how weird is it to hear fireworks and see castles now instead of the 20th Century Fox fanfare and logo. Or how Darth Vader's new boss is Mickey Mouse. Who would have thought, but they definitely have the financial backing to create the live action series, and I wonder if The Clone Wars will now transition from the Cartoon Network to the Disney Channel? I really haven't been thinking about it all that much, but every now and then it hits me. A good portion of the day was dedicated to writing another modern war story, which I can happily say is the second to last one I will be writing. The Sword and the Shield: The Gathering Circle marks the turning point. I have one ultra long episode to write before I have completed this particular block of stories. Technically I could write several episodes based off of this next bit, but instead I am going to put it all together in one episode, it's just going to be really long depending on how I go about writing it. Now, I should the last episode finished and posted by late November 6th if all goes according to plan, and then we'll see how accurate I am with at least one of my predictions. Oh by the way four days until November the 5th, and five days until election day here in the United States of America. That should be a very exciting day! I'm very eager to see how the political landscape changes. I was watching BBC news this evening and it seems that the Syrian rebels are fighting with every ounce of their fiber as the Assad regime tries to kill them senselessly. In the middle of this intense bloodbath is the civilian population, which is taking a massive beating. I watched a news report which showed a good many of disturbing images. I posted it below, just be warned that there is blood, and you see a lot of children in agony, and some even die. Reality for these people really sucks, please that in mind when you consider how much your life really sucks. These people need our help, our prayers, and our care. Sacrifice is the mark of a great nation, not selfishness.

Ian Pannell of BBC reports on crowded Syrian medical facilities

Robert Iger and George Lucas discuss Walt Disney's acquisition of all
of Lucasfilms Ltd. enterprises and creative material.

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