Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Hysterics.

So I slept in very late today which was fantastic, and then I said goodbye to my mother and sister who left my sister and brother in law's house after a very, very long stay. My mother was talking about Thanksgiving at my sister's and trying assert how everything was going to be done, cooked, and organized. As my two sisters and brother in-law looked on at this exchange between my mother and I, I began thinking in my head how ridiculous the whole thing was, and then I began thinking about the wizards' duel in The Sword in the Stone between Merlin and Madam Mim. Suddenly I began laughing hysterically and couldn't stop myself from laughing, so I had to excuse myself from the room and retreat to the basement. I didn't per se have a complete break down, but mother was driving me off the wall and all I could do was smile and laugh like a mad man. It's so funny to reflect on because now it seems like it is right off a sitcom like Frasier. Anyways I recovered and had a lovely rest of the night. I put myself back together, and checked my email to discover that I had what you could consider fan mail. So after reading and returning the email I moved on to something else. It's always good to hear that people enjoy your work. My nephew wanted to watch Arthur Christmas and so all of us together watched and ate home made chicken fajitas that my brother in-law made (they were quite delicious). So the film was entertaining often, the animation was great, it had a phenomenal cast, and there were a lot of good original ideas for the story. All of that superficial Christmas happiness drove me nuts though; my cynical nature can't seem to stand it. Wow! I really am turning into Scrooge (I played him in a high school play and got rave reviews; it was a lot of fun). I guess I'll give it an "Admirable Ability." I suppose though I'm not much of a Christmas movie person as almost all of them seem to be the same; plot, theme, story, and characters. So before I rattle on endlessly I will stop. On an interesting note 7 states have completed a petition to secede from the Unites States Nation: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. I'm not entirely certain what's going to happen with all of this, but it seems as if the movement is only gaining traction since President Obama was reelected. Perhaps it is time for a change in government on a revolutionary scale after all. If you think about it, to have something of another civil war after the previous one well over hundred years ago isn't too remarkable. Think of all government changes in all western European countries. To think that the U.S. hasn't experienced something like that since the 1860's is quite amazing. We are living in an exciting time that's for certain, and it seems to me that lines will be drawn soon and sides chosen. I guess we should all choose wisely.

Arthur Christmas scene

Oz the Great and Powerful Latest Trailer

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