Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brakes, Plugs, & Wipers.

So I slept very well last night which was great for my lingering cold, despite the fact that I was quite cold while I was sleeping; it brought back some very fond memories of when I used to sleep in Wisconsin. Ah, those were the days. So mi padre and I got up this morning and got to work on my car right away. First we changed the break pads, which I did most of the work and it was actually relatively easy thank goodness. He changed my spark plugs since they were a little more challenging, and then he showed me how to change the windshield wipers which was a simple piece of cake. We spent something like 2 hours & 30 minutes working on my car which wasn't bad at all. My sister showed up at my father's place at one point, and then the three of us hung out for the rest of the day. I actually thought that I would be spending another night there, but plans changed and you have to roll with the ugly punches or risk getting sucker punched; that isn't fun. Watched Robin Hood this evening with my father and sister and they both really seemed to like it, not to mention I got to yack occasionally about one of my most favorite historical periods; always enjoy doing that. Well things will be getting back to normal now, or rather the new normal since all of the wedding stuff is over at last. Job hunting, job hunting oh how fun it is. Goodnight everyone.

Robin Hood trailer

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