Wednesday, November 21, 2012

3 Pies and a Turkey.

So today began really bright and early with brining the turkey, which now will be so succulent and delicious tomorrow when I roast it in the oven. What is brining you say? Well basically osmostic pressure pushes the flavors and juices into the turkey as it brines (a brine is basically a salt water based solution that you soak a turkey or meat in for a lengthy period of time depending on the poundage of the meat). You then roast it (without stuffing which is very evil and basting is even more evil; will dry turkey and is a mild health hazard) and once it has reached the appropriate temperature you take it out, let it rest for about 15 fifteen minutes or so loosely covered, carve and serve up! So yummy and delicious. After having breakfast with my sister and nephew at this exquisite restaurant and running a few errands, I returned to the house and began working on the pies I would be making: apple, cherry, and pumpkin. First I had to peel the apples, then slice them, and then set them on the counter in all of their spices to let the juices come out of them before I put them in a pie shell. Next, I made the pie dough and let it chill. Switching gears, I then made the pumpkin pie filling using the pumpkin that I actually obtained from a real pumpkin that I carved. Then I rolled out the pie dough and one by one assembled the three pies until I made the grand finish with cherry!!! Wow, it took a long time so as you can imagine there wasn't much time for writing, but my thoughts were ever on that topic. So yes this entire blog was about about cooking and Thanksgiving. If I had to choose one thing that I am immensely thankful for in the last six months it would have to sister Paula. If it wasn't for her and her husband Gabe, I would be absolutely miserable, not to mention potentially homeless or stuck in a miserable existence. So thank you both, and may our love, care and generosity for each other never know no end. It is said that holidays are about family, and I guess that is true. However, like any good tradition usually it is to remind someone or a group of people about something important to remember and to take into account. Americans have so much to be thankful for. Consider the Middle East where people are dying and getting their homes destroyed, or in the D.R. Congo where a rebel group is taking over the country. Whether you're rich or poor, alone or have too much family hovering around you, there is very little the average American can complain about. So let's be thankful, stop whining, and be content with what we have. As for the rest of the world, God be with you and I hope that you receive grace. God bless us all. Happy Thanksgiving!

Alton Brown brines a turkey

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