Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zombie Horse Brains for the Bold?

When I woke up this morning I didn't think that I would be watching anything related to zombies, but next thing I know a mob of voracious zombies are ripping a horse apart and feasting on its entrails. It was very disgusting. More on that in a moment. Today was very, very nice. I spent time with very good friends for nigh the entire day. First I went to this amazing restaurant with one of my best friends, and they served the finest strawberry lemonade I have ever tasted; it was really good. We then went back to my old college that I graduated from and watched a soccer game, which the home team lost, but only by a point. They played their hearts out, but unfortunately made too many mistakes. After that I went and hung out with some more dear friends of mine, and after we ate dinner and scrolled through most of what Netflix has playing on streaming we decided on Walking Dead. I was hesitant about it as I'm not very much into zombies, but I have to admit that my attention was held quite well. There was a huge gross factor, but overall it seems like a rather interesting premise. Half dead people scrounging around like scavengers was quite unpleasant, and I recall this one woman with a mutilated skeletal face with only her upper body remaining as she dragged her intestines behind her. They certainly got the zombie part smack on. It was sad to part ways with so many good friends and people, but hopefully I shall return to California again and who knows in what context it will be. Oh and the jobless rate might have fallen, but gas prices out here are skyrocketing. Doesn't seem like much of a positive trade-off. Well world have a fantastic rest of the weekend.

The Walking Dead season 1 trailer

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