Friday, October 12, 2012

"Yum, Yum!"

I hate, loathe, and despise moving. I have moved every year since 2002, whether it was on my own or with my mother. This is perhaps though the worst time I have ever experienced moving before, which is a fantastic conclusion to the worst four months of my entire life. So I am completely moved out of my apartment and am staying with some good friends of mine until bright and early Monday morning when I will be departing for my cross country journey. I never thought that I had so much stuff, but I did and boy did I really pack it in my car. Getting it to Illinois will be quite the adventure; perhaps I'll write a story about it all when everything is said and done. So since then I have been relaxing and attempting to enjoy my remaining days in San Diego, which hasn't been too difficult. The weather is just the way I like it; cool and cloudy like. The family that I am staying with is like vacationing for me, which has been fantastic! So much of me is ready for all of this just to be over and be at my new home. What would Halloween be like without some scary films, particularly those from the 80's. I watched Gremlins tonight, and boy I forgot how much I really enjoyed that film. It's kind of creepy, but really humorous at the same time, or rather in a vicious way I suppose. Definitely recommend it to people who haven't seen it yet. At the moment I'm watching the classic film Sergeant York on the Military channel, although it's in black and white and I'm used to seeing it in color though. Can't have everything though I guess. Still it's a great film starring Gary Cooper, and it is another film that everyone should watch as a bit of a reminder of where America came from and what it used to be. Oh yeah so I watched the American Vice-Presidential debate last night and found it kind of boring...and a little insightful. Vice-President Biden came off as obnoxious and rude to me yet passionate, and Paul Ryan as cool and aloof like but he appeared quite professional. Who knows. Well enjoy your weekend everyone, and please send me your prayers, positive energy and anything else that might help me on my journey.

Gremlins trailer

Scene from Gremlins

Skyfall trailer with Adele song

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