Monday, October 8, 2012

Was It Camelot?

I didn't do too much today that I can blog about and share with the lovely international world. I said goodbye to a great friend and wonderful colleague and former college professor of mine. If I had a role model this man would definitely be it. He is a great man, a great psychologist, and a great friend who's company and counsel I will miss once I am over there in Illinois. I had a very lengthy conversation with a sister of mine, which was awesome; I do love talking to my family, and I find it quite a sad thing that not everyone possesses that ability. I did a few other things, but then I sat down and watched the remainder of The Kennedys series. I have to admit that I really, really enjoyed that adaptation of former President Kennedy and his family. I am uncertain how historically accurate it is in its entirety, but it seemed rather spot on. I will be reading a voluminous biography on the president in the future sometime, but I have to admit that after watching that show I like him more than I ever did. There might even be some admiration there as well, it is a shame though that he was such an unfaithful womanizer. If the depiction of his brother Robert Kennedy was accurate than it was a blasted shame he was assassinated too in 1968, five years after his brother. That poor, miserable, wretched family. I believe it was said that Jackie Kennedy brought about "Camelot" in the White House, but when I saw that a doctor of sorts was giving her injections (along with the President) of what I think was cocaine something tells me it wasn't all quite a wonderful fantasy that the American people thought that it was. There is always more to reality and people. Between the Kennedy assassinations and the assassination of Dr. King, what an uncertain time that must have been. I don't think a good rational explanation will be found why those men were viciously murdered ever. Except for the triad, which has been the constant in such murderous behavior: jealousy, fear, and anger. At least two of these men were far ahead of their time, and there were many who weren't ready for such change unfortunately. This was a good show, and I encourage everyone to watch it. It will educate, make you think, and perhaps give you a little more compassion. Good night.

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