Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Car Has Returned!

It may have taken half of the day to get it, but I once again have control of my vehicle again, and finished driving the rest of the way to my destination. It is such a relief to know that all of that is dealt with at last. I would like to thank my future brother in-law, Gabriel, for taking a large chunk of time out of his day and driving me the 4 hours there, and the 4 hours back that it took him to return. He is a champ, and an awesome brother. In the words and ways of the Klingon people, I owe him a debt of honor. The drive back to my sister's was actually quite nice, although it was very cold. I stopped and got gas and the wind was blowing something fierce, and it was ice cold! I'm not being a wimp here, it really was quite blustery cold like. I had forgotten how much bite the wind can have in the Midwest during winter. My car is fixed and drives so much better; the difference was amazing. The people at Magnum Automotive in Newton, Iowa did a remarkable, well done job. So if you're passing that direction then I would highly recommend them and then their services. That was essentially my day. Not very exciting I know, but it truly does feel...or rather I feel complete now that I have my car and finished the 2000 plus mile trek that I began on October 15th. What an adventure. And to think that my life will be filled with many more such "adventures."

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