Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Aftermath.

What a bloody, blasted last leg of a trip I had! I arrived at my ultimate destination at 5:30 am today and then after unloading my stuff it was 6:30 am, and then I finally got to bed around 7:15am and slept until about 2pm or so. Now, why did I arrive so late? Well....things were going very well until I got outside of Des Moines and then my car basically broke down, but I'll elaborate on that later. I began the day driving around 4am and headed for Denver, Colorado. Driving through the mountains when it was pitch black was highly difficult. With all of the weight that was in my vehicle going up and down the steep roads stressed me out to no end, but I survived and of course arrived at Denver right in the middle of rush hour, but was able to get through it alright. After Denver everything became flat and I drove through the rest of Colorado and into Nebraska! All of that was flat and rather boring to drive through, but at least I could put the cruise control on and just sit back and chill while I listened to the music and the radio. I passed through North Platte, Lincoln, and Omaha (which was a horrible drive because I passed through that during rush hour as well). I eventually found my way into Iowa and once I got passed Des Moines that is when my car started having some problems, and then...well the rest is history. My wonderful future brother in-law, Gabe, came and got me, helped me move all of my stuff into his vehicle and drove me back to my sister's house where we then unpacked all of my stuff. After saying hi to my sister and nephew I went to bed and got up several hours later. Eventually I began putting all of my stuff away and doing....I suppose I can't remember what, but I kept busy throughout the day. The weather is chilly in Illinois, but I do enjoy the fall weather out here in the Midwest, not the winter weather which is soon to come. As I was writing this post my sister and Gabe were watching Animal Hoarders which was quite interesting. People and their problems, how uniquely they manifest for each individual. Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive vibes and what not, they were needed very much and used often. As I adjust to my new surroundings and form a routine I will get back into writing once more. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and many trials as well but the future is bright with lots of potential!

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