Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some War.

The packing and cleaning out continues as I get ready for the big move. The day was in that regard rather uneventful. I watched the Presidential Debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney and found it very insightful, amusing, exhilarating and fun. That may seem odd to hear for many people, but I love history and I enjoy politics; this coming presidential election will make history....or so many of the pundits claim. After that I made myself some pizza and and watched the film This Means War which I was expecting to be a miserable flop. I enjoyed it though and laughed numerous times. The ending was actually good, even if most of the film was ridiculously over the top which was one of its flaws. Reese Witherspoon did a fine job with her character who played a successful business woman looking for the right man. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy played two big shot CIA agents that are the best of friends, but they fall for the same woman. Thus in their quest to win fair maiden, they utilize all of the assets of the CIA at their disposal to woo this woman to their heart. It's interesting how the similarities of human mating closely relate when you get down to it, to many other species of life that exist here on Earth. It was a fund film that deserves an "Admirable Ability" from me as it was a delightful romantic comedy, yet it could have been better if they hadn't have gotten so flashy with all of the CIA stuff and action. It was a slow day despite it passing by rather quickly, but I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'm getting kind of anxious as I'm preparing to leave what with getting packed up and all. I believe I am ready to begin a new life out there in the deplorable as it may be initially as winter is coming on and things are beginning to cool off in Southern California. I tell you, timing just isn't on my side.

This Means War trailer

The Lone Ranger trailer (it should be pretty good, at least I hope).

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