Monday, October 29, 2012

Sheers, Coffee, & Cookies Oh My!

So bright and early this morning (at least for me) my sister, her friend Amanda (who happens to be an amazing seamstress) and myself went to where my sister would be getting married at 12 days from now or something like that. It was a great looking place with a rustic kind of style to it. The place is going to work great for them, and it's right on the water, which I guess isn't that spectacular in the beginning of winter. So we were there for a while; I was snapping pictures and video while my sister, her friend, and fiancee were talking to the person who was going to assist with the decorating for their ceremony. This took up a great deal of time, so anyone who thinks small wedding are easy to plan and organize when you're a full time working mom is an idiot. Perhaps that isn't politically correct, but it is true. Later on in the evening I attempted to make some more molasses cookies and they turned out spectacularly this time around! Soft and tender just like they should be. It was about 30 degrees F. this morning and I about froze my arse off. I had forgotten how cold it gets out here in winter, and then in the summer I'm going to remember how hot and humid it gets; life sucks. Oh well. The adjustment is getting easier for me, but I still miss San Diego a lot and it is a major bummer that my relocation had to be Illinois, but I still have my eyes on Utah, so we shall see where that goes. I think I may do some writing tonight after blogging, who knows. Having people around all day all of the time throws off my bachelor, singular lifestyle, but in a good way.  By the way, it is 1 week until November 5th, so I hope that everyone is planning their festivities accordingly. Well there it is. Have a good night.

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