Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moving on Can be a Good Thing.

So all of the wheels are in motion for the preparations for my departure to leave California. Lots of get togethers with friends have been made so that we can have fun before I leave once again, although the first time that I left I believed I would never be returning. Now I know better, for it will always remain a viable possibility as long as I am alive. The majority of my stuff is packed, now all I have to do is get rid of the stuff that I will not be taking with me. I even scoped out where my journey will take me when I drive across the country to get to Illinois; I get to drive through all new states which will take me along a different path than when I first drove out west. I actually just finished writing my latest Modern War story The Sword and the Shield: Family Under Fire, and it wasn't half bad now that the story is narrowing and I am beginning to home in on the end of the entire saga. It's very exciting for me, because I personally love the ending that I have in mind. I am certain though many will find it....a little disturbing. I was watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and I landed a few episodes where one young boy was physically abused and where a teenager was sexually and psychologically abused by his psychiatrist of many years. In my last job interview I was asked why I went into this field and my answer was fine, but the guy was trying to get me to say what "happened" to me that made me want to enter the mental health industry. Apparently most people have problems, which is why they enter the field so they can better understand themselves and therefore help other people. Me personally, I hate seeing children suffer at the hands of their caretakers, parents, or whatever might be doing the abuse (psychologically, emotionally, or physical). Not that my parents did horrible things to me or my family life was horrendous, but let's just say I didn't have a smooth ride through jr. high and high school (like many; my experiences and personality just shaped me differently). I chose psychology, because I don't want to see kids and teens go through what I went through. What does all of this have to do with moving on? Well, perhaps I will get into graduate school around Chicago, get my Masters degree in something like Social work and begin to make the different I've always wanted to, which maybe if I had remained in San Diego wouldn't have happened. Many other things could happen as well, but that's one take on my rather....sucky situation to spin it positively. Wow! I thought it was Wednesday for a moment; goodness, I can't wait to get back into a routine. Being fired really screwed up the balance of my life. Oh well, time to find a new rhythm I suppose.

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