Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moon River.

I am exhausted. I just sat down after a bunch of packing and moving a bunch of my stuff, and the bonus was that my excellent friend Danny came and took quite a bit of it. Therefore the time has come; launch sequence has been initiated. Hopefully by this week I will be traveling once more through the great United States! Now I just have to get all of the fine details worked out so I can get moving, quite literally that is. Before all of this madness started around 8pm I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's starring of course Audrey Hepburn with  George Peppard. Since I had never seen it before and had heard all of this talk about it, my curiosity was ready to be satisfied. It was a rather interesting film to say the least. I could definitely tell that it was based on a Truman Capote story. Hepburn's performance was amazing, although I do like her better in other films a whole lot more, but she played her character perfectly in this film and came off as delightful, mysterious, and troubled. She got an Oscar nomination for her performance, but that's it; a definite shame. I wonder who got it that year? I think it's a good film to say you've seen, but it was a little boring and scatterbrained at times which was a little irritating. There was a different way to make films back in those days that's for certain, and parties were a whole lot different back in the fifties as well from the look of the film than they are today. Still I would recommend people to see it, and it would make an excellent date film for all ages. I didn't get any solid writing done today, but I toyed with my time travel science again which was fun, and I was able to make some good progress on that front as well. I dabbled in a few other things, but other than that it was a pretty chill day. My mind has gone blank so I will leave at that even though I am most likely forgetting something that I want to write, but I just cannot think of. I guess that's life.

Andy Williams sings "Moon River"

Breakfast at Tiffany's trailer

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