Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's Give Them Hell!

So I found myself getting plenty of sleep during all of the correct hours after several days of an unusual sleeping schedule, which was fantastic relief at last. I set up my living space with all of my stuff in my sister's basement and it looks pretty sweet actually, so we shall see how things progress. As nice as it is, I don't want to be in my sister's basement forever and neither does she I am certain. My car is reasonably fixable according to the guy I spoke to at the repair shop which was a great relief for me. After all, I don't know how I would have been able to manage without a car if I had gotten a job. It's been cold and rainy since I got here, which is the kind of fall weather I love; now if it only remained that way and didn't snow and get bitterly cold I would be incredibly happy. However that is not going to happen. I was sitting down on the couch thinking over my decisions which led me back to the Midwest and I have to admit that I was questioning what I did. Yet here I am, so I guess I have to make the most of it. Maybe I will be able to get some writing done tomorrow; who knows. There's a lot of things on my mind, which tend to interfere with my ability to write anything. Later on during the night, my sister and her husband to be and I sat down and watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army which is always a good cinematic experience. I really hope that Guillermo del Toro can get a third one made. The weekend is coming; hopefully everyone can enjoy it.

Jack Reacher trailer (has potential, but will probably be dreadful).

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