Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaving California Once Again.

Well there it is. It really, really sucks, but I'm leaving the grand state of California and returning to Illinois. Anyone who says the economy is getting better is wrong, because that's why I'm leaving. At the beginning of June I was financially successful for where I was at in life, and now I have no job, have to leave the state I moved to and go live with family. I'm really trying to look on the bright side to this whole thing, but it isn't easy whatsoever. The show must go on though. Miracles don't always happen, things don't always work out, and more often than not life sucks. Fortunately though, due to my religious perspective and beliefs this life isn't the end all of everything. Maybe I'll go to grad school in or around Chicago, maybe I'll that screenplay I've been working on, make a fortune, and go on to write successfully like that, and perhaps my books when they're complete will finally take off. Life for the next several months will remain completely ambiguous and unknown as what to expect, I am amazingly at peace with all of that though. That is highly unusual for me, but  I'll take it what with all of the bad luck I've been encountering. It's going to hard saying goodbye to all of my friends, the way of life out here, but especially the relatively temperate climate. I am returning to the Midwestern U.S. just in time for winter, and I have a feeling it is going to be a really cold one. Very soon I will be packing up my gear and heading out. It's going to be another interesting drive. Well I did a whole lot more packing and organizing today for my departure and continued to narrow down what I will and won't take, and so far it looks like I'll be taking most of the important stuff thankfully. There's a chair I'd like to take, but I can't dismantle it enough to bring it on board so oh well. Such a bloody shame. You think you have the makings of a great life unfolding all around you, and then it all deflates despite all of your measures to prop it up. I watched the film Double Jeopardy tonight which of course stars Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones from all the way back to 1999. That was a very good year. My oldest sister graduated high school and went off to college, The Phantom Menace was released, and....oh I guess that's about it. A great film with one heck of an ending, definitely a "Strong Ability." Such a fine cast and good story line; isn't Oscar style, but hey at least I enjoy watching it multiple times. Why would you want to depress yourself, or bore yourself just to watch a film? Doesn't make much sense to me, although many of those films do have fantastic performances. The countdown begins. Wish me luck....or rather better luck than I have been having lately.

Double Jeopardy trailer

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