Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Day In San Diego!

For the most part it was a fairly restful day. I did a lot of lazing about and chatting. My car was experiencing some technical difficulties, but they were easily dealt with thank God. I would like to say thank you to my second family out here in San Diego Daniel, Jennifer, Victoria, Gabriella, and Joshua. I will miss all of you and your wonderful kindnesses and support, which has been a constant ever since I have been in San Diego. They took me to a fantastic restaurant alongside the ocean in downtown this past evening and I ate the most delicious salmon that I have ever tasted possibly. I will also miss many of my friends too many to number or name: Jill, Danny, Tim (Hindu), Ari, Heather (s), Charlie, Olympia, my myriads of former co-workers, Josh & Emily and anyone else that my too tired brain is forgetting. I am going to miss the wonderful weather of this state and the culture, which does not exist in ant format in the American Midwest. It is devastatingly sad to depart California, but I have to hope that returning to my roots will be some sort of master plan that will propel me forward into my dream career...or at least I will be comfortable. Who knows. I start off bright and early tomorrow morning a little bit before 5am and will drive for the greater part of the day. Hopefully I will be able to post something tomorrow, if not...well hopefully I will still be alive. Goodbye California and the American West Coast! Just like General MacArthur, I will return one day.

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