Friday, October 5, 2012

"Kennedy's Never Come in Second."

Apparently I need to read up more on the Kennedy family, and yes I am referring to the family that was steeped in politics for over half of the 20th century. I began watching the show The Kennedys starring Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, and Tom Wilkinson. I know very little of the Kennedy family except that most of the men were womanizers, Kennedy Sr. had some rather shady dealings with very unscrupulous individuals and made all of his wealth around the time of the Great Depression and he also seemed inclined towards Hitler's Nazi Germany, and that JFK was a rather likable fellow. Obviously I need to know more, and I believe every American should be informed to a degree about all of the Presidents that have served; perhaps the American people would then make better choices on whom they elect. If the series I am watching is even mildly accurate then all I have to say is wow. That family was a piece of work, and the patriarch of it all was obsessed with power, control, and wealth; thank God he never became President. It is a pretty good series so far though and the acting is great, although I wasn't alive during that era but the likenesses between the characters and the individuals portraying them seem right on. I went for a lengthy hike around a lake today which was quite lovely as was the company, but the blister on my foot and the pain in my legs is the only negative part of it all. I'm going to miss California, but as gas prices keep rising and all of the other political and economic crap that keeps piling up, perhaps it is fortuitous timing. Good luck to the remaining residents. As of last night I finished the last and final season (7th) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and yes it didn't even take me a year to watch all 7 seasons. I'm going to move onto Star Trek: Voyager next, but so far Deep Space Nine is my favorite. For the most part it had excellent writing, excellent characters, excellent story lines, and was just a lot of fun all around. That show created a villain mightier and cooler than the Borg; The Dominion. Such amazing, efficient, cruel, and vicious villainy is quite rare and they did it nigh perfectly. If you like good science fiction, than I suggest watching that show; it isn't as creatively unique as Farscape but it is comparable. Enjoy the weekend, and a month from tomorrow an incredible American history will be made.

The Kennedys Trailer

New James Bond Theme Skyfall by Adele (doesn't sound too shabby)

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