Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Hot, Plain, Tomato Soup!"

If there is one television series that I grew up watching with my father, it was Star Trek: Voyager. It was something to see the pilot episode again after something probably akin to a decade. Watching the intro to the show with the music composed by Jerry Goldsmith was so calming, so cool memories of all kinds came flooding to my consciousness and I began smiling. Now I get to see if I like the series as much as I thought I did, which based off the first initial episodes doesn't seem to bode well, but we'll see. I didn't experience any zombie nightmares fortunately so that was a relief; a zombie horse would make an interesting story. After all there was a "War Horse" why not one that has been zombified. Well the first full week of October has begun and the clock for my departure continues ticking. I was looking at my car today thinking that my eyes may be a little too ambitious to fit everything in that I want to take back with me, but I have decided to make everything fit and that it will indeed fit. Willpower is extraordinarily powerful when given a voice. I watched the latest episode of The Clone Wars and cool enough the show took us to Onderon, which if you are versed in Star Wars lore you will know that it is home world of such people like Freedon Nadd, Queen Amanoa, and where the Krath Cult of Aleema and Satal Keto began, and also where Exar Kun began his path towards the Darkside of the Force. Yes I am aware how ridiculous it is that I know so much about something completely fictional. It is fun though for I have to admit. Anyways. The episode was....interesting. There is oddly enough a love triangle between three characters which caught me off guard considering it is an animated cartoon targeted towards young boys, but whatever. It was essentially diverting enough, but there wasn't any real character exploration, depth, or anything really interesting happening. That's what happens when you put all of your major characters into one episode on top of introducing new ones and some old familiar faces. Too many characters vying for screen time which is very limited and dominated mainly by action, and boring dialogue. Season 5 isn't really off to a good start; probably the worst of all seasons so far, despite the first episode having Darth Maul in it (and I guess that one wasn't too bad). It is after all just a kid television show, so there's nothing really to get worked up over. It was just a really slow day for me. Stay cool everyone...unless you live somewhere Arctic like I guess.

The Clone Wars Season 5 "A War on 2 Fronts"

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