Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 1 of the Return Trip.

Wow! What a very, very long day it was. I got a late start leaving San Diego around 5:40am, which I thought would be alright but I did want to leave around a half an hour earlier. The consequence of sleeping too long was that when I got around Riverside and outside of LA traffic was ridiculous for about 48 minutes or so, so that set me back as well, and I also forgot to figure in the time difference between Pacific and Central time. Tomorrow will be very long. So once I got out of bad California traffic, things went very well. Driving through the desert part of California was pretty nice and Nevada as well. I have to admit that driving through Las Vegas was very, very cool. It was kind of surreal to be in such a place that has been etched in popular culture with all of the really fancy buildings and what not. I was really busy watching the traffic so I probably missed a lot of landmarks, but I think one day I will return and explore that city, and stop by to see a very dear and old college friend as well. Driving through Utah was long at the beginning, but then when I merged onto I-70 East it was awesome. That route was perhaps the best drive I've ever had in my life; the scenery was beautiful, there was barely any traffic. I really enjoyed Utah; I think I'm going to look into seeing what it would be like to live there. The only minus was the road construction which was a pain in the neck in every state I drove through except through California. Utah had the most though, although they had really nice roads as did Nevada; Arizona however needs to spend more tax money on their roads. Well I've posted a few pictures and some videos from my trip. More along with a more complete video will be on the way. For now I will sleep and prepare my mind for tomorrow; approximately 19 hours of driving give or take. What fun.

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