Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bad News Keeps Getting Bad.

First and foremost, the worst news has been about the deaths and destruction that the hurricane storm on the eastern coast of the United States. Millions of people without electricity, $80 billion worth in damage, and who knows what other kind of problems this is going to bring about. God be with all of those people and I hope that things get better before they get worse. Now, the next bad news. About a week and a half before my sister's rehearsal dinner for her wedding the restaurant closed down. So as soon as Gabe, my sister's fiancee, found out the two of them were busy working away trying to find another place to have the dinner at. There have been multiple hitches with their wedding, but the two of them have weathered them strongly so this will be no different. We are all hoping though that this will be the last bad thing to happen. The final piece of bad news was that George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, founder of I.L.M., Skywalker Sound, and Lucasfilm Inc sold all of that to....Walt Disney Inc. Kathleen Kennedy will run the company and answer directly, from what I understand, to the CEO of Disney as George Lucas will be retiring and leaving the mega film industry. When my future brother in-law told me this I didn't believe him, so I went and checked myself and found it all to be true. Not only is all of that true, but apparently Disney will helm three new Star Wars films (7,8,9) which writers are now working on with assistance from the master. There are so many things I could say, but I will begin by saying Star Wars is George Lucas' property and creation and he may do with it as he pleases, and yes it is all only a work of fiction and nothing to get angry, bitter, or stupid over. However, on the other hand mostly everything Disney touches with its poisonous grip turns to crap, so it concerns me greatly. The future of Star Wars could be getting brighter or dimmer; we shall see how it goes. The other part of the day I was hanging with my nephew playing PC games on the internet and watching Battleship, which was just as I remember it for the reasons I remember. I realize all of that I mentioned above might seem trivial opposed to people being killed and slaughtered in Syria in the midst of a civil war, but there it is and May God help those people get rid of that murdering dictator.

George Lucas Passing on the Torch

The Making of Battleship

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