Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 Happy Toll People!

That may seem like a rather odd title, but when you are driving/traveling around Chicago it is a very realistic reality where there are tolls every which way in order to get on a road. The past several days have kept me busy doing small things here and there. My mother came up to visit my sister and nephew and so it was nice to see her again. She stayed for half of the weekend before going home. The weather has cool and cloudy like mostly, but even when the sun is shining that crisp, cool fall air remains which is one of the many things about the fall season that I love so much. Not only do the trees look awesome, but there's that hint in the air that Christmas is just around the corner, and if you visit many malls or stores you will find many of them have their Christmas merchandise out already. My sister, nephew and I perused around a suburb of Chicago called Schaumburg. We spent most of our time at a mall getting stuff for her wedding coming up in November, and although it turned out to be a rather long evening, it was a lot of fun being with my nephew and my sister. I actually miss working with kids; maybe not my old job per se, but that age group was just a whole lot of fun to be with and work with. We shall see what my future career holds in that regard. Right now I am free to choose any path I desire with the sky being the limit. I've been thinking of looking into living in Utah after I get my MSW (masters in social work); beautiful country, within reasonable driving distance of California, and.....well other reasons as well. I watched the latest Clone Wars episode "The Soft War" which continues the Onderon story arc. It's certainly interesting I have to give them that, and as a whole story arc I think it will work well. Season 4 of The Clone Wars is released this Tuesday (22nd) in stores, so it will be nice to relive some of the excellent arcs from that season. I feel like there is so much more that I should be writing about, but alas my brain cannot recall anything else as of this moment. Oh well. This should hopefully be a very exciting and busy week, so stay tuned for the.....amazing stories!

The Clone Wars "The Soft War" Preview

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