Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Where Did You Dig Up That Old Fossil?"

And the cool trend continues! If this weather system continues I will not need air conditioning for the remainder of the year, which will be great not only because I don't have it, but also for my electric bill which will have remained low through the entire summer! I suppose some suffering was okay if I saved money that I didn't have, or would rather spend on something else. I've also been getting up earlier as well, which gives me much more time to get stuff accomplished, that is if I put myself to being productive, although there are times when I get quite lazy, but I'm being redundant talking about all of this again. I'm up to page 71 of my screenplay, so as you can imagine it is coming along quite well, and I'm still thinking another 30 pages and I'll be wrapping everything up; I can't imagine it being longer than that. That's pretty much consuming my time as of late, although I have been picking at my website a little here and there, and attempting to continue writing my Sword and the Shield series, but for some reason motivation for that has been rather short as of late, irritatingly enough. I continued my Star Wars journey tonight with A New Hope and even after all of these years and having seen it too numerous times to count, it still makes me laugh and gets thrills out of me. It's incredible to think that film which was released in May of 1977 gets watched more often than any other film of that era, or maybe even the nineties. It has spawned sequels, television shows, television specials, computer games, books, amusement park rides, and provided countless inspiration for people to chase and attain their dreams. Yeah, I'm a Star Wars fan.

George Lucas Talking about A New Hope

Original Star Wars Trailer

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